Being a 73-year-old liberal in South Carolina is like being an endangered species. You’d think the word “liberal” was a four-letter word and never to be used in public.

I, for one, am proud to be a liberal and I am proud of what liberals stand for and their positive contributions to our nation.

I often hear conservative friends talk about how government can’t do anything right as they pull out their Medicare card for the doctor and check to see if their Social Security check has been credited to their bank account.

Each morning I get up I thank Democrats like LBJ and FDR for these two pieces of liberal legislation. Working people can thank liberals for the 40-hour work week, a safer working environment, overtime pay, maternity leave, sick leave, pensions and the right to bargain collectively.

Because of liberal policies, Medicaid helps cover medical costs for millions of Americans who can’t afford private insurance. Liberal policies are responsible for protecting our food, water and air. Cars and planes are safer because of liberal policies.

The GI Bill of Rights made it possible for veterans to buy homes at affordable interest rates and to further their educations, thanks to liberals. Liberals helped pass laws that protect consumers and insure their bank accounts. Liberals passed civil rights legislation and the Voting Rights Act. The LGBTQ community has received protection and civil rights they have been fighting to achieve for generations.

Yes, I am a liberal and a progressive Democrat, and the last time I checked, it was still legal in South Carolina. I also believe that paying taxes covers my dues in the club we call democracy and the more you make, the more you pay.

Brooks P. Moore

Blue House Road