Now more than ever we need an effective leader who can positively unite our polarized, fractured country.

It will require a blend of empathy, humility, emotional intelligence, transparency, integrity, honesty, moral uprightness and humane principles.

Sadly, Donald Trump is the flabbergasting antithesis of these leadership qualities.

Derisively taunting and mocking Dr. Christine Blasey Ford to the laughter of his supporters was a sordid, misogynistic and squalid demonstration. Not an ounce of national unity of purpose, empathy or integrity there.

Extensively researched records of his sources of wealth reveal not a self-made man, but a favorite son who in today’s dollars received not a $1 million loan from daddy but a stream of infusions equivalent to $400 million. Familial financial rescues were vital during his business failures with the Plaza Hotel, Trump Airlines and casinos. These demonstrate bad judgment and raise questions of legality and fraud.

When daddy’s infusions ended in 2003, in came the Russian oligarchs.

Maybe here is the reason for his diffidence with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

His refusal to release his tax returns underlines an ingrained antipathy for transparency and integrity.

His claim that the U.S.-Mexico-Canada trade deal is brand new is incorrect. Aside from modified subordinate aspects, the deal is an amalgam of the old NAFTA and the Trans-Pacific Partnership, both maligned by Trump. As always intended, the deal was updated to accommodate e-commerce and other modernizations.

So, after alienating allies, harming farmers and installing corrosive tariffs, we are virtually back where we started.

It’s time for a major leadership correction to enable America to unify again.

David J. Waldron

Galera Lane

Mount Pleasant