A statewide ban on plastic straws to cure a local problem is wrong. How dare you try to tell me what straw I can use in my home, because you can’t control the litter in your community. Plastic cups, straws and cigarette butts aren’t floating to the beach from Columbia, Greenville, Summerville or Moncks Corner.

All the straws and cigarette butts on the beaches come from the people who go to the beach. That’s not a statewide issue.

The solution is a local ordinance only from the communities where the trash is generated.

If you don’t want plastic straws and cups on the beach, don’t sell the banned products on the beach.

Enforce the laws you have already passed. Get rid of those vending machines such as the ones on the pier that dispense plastic bottles. Stop selling beverages in plastic cups and bottles in the restaurant and store on the pier.

If tourists and locals want a to-go drink, sell them a reusable cup or refill their reusable cup at a discount.

Since cigarette butts are known to kill fish and other wildlife, ban smoking on the beach.

Charles Billings

Rentiers Lane

Moncks Corner