As a newcomer to Charleston I am so glad to have found so many new friends, furry friends and acquaintances on my daily walks around beautiful Colonial Lake. Born and raised in the Midwest surrounded by what I thought was friendly until moving here to Charleston, friendly here has a whole new meaning.

I am so grateful for our warm welcome and acceptance in our new community. Sometimes we forget how a smile, nod or a simple “good morning” can make the heart warm and feel acknowledged. I want to thank all the friends at Colonial Lake for saying hello and sharing their stories with me and my pup Pandy.

We look forward to our walks around the lake every day, and now the evening with the beautiful Christmas tree lit.

I encourage everyone to keep smiling and saying hello as you pass by. You have all made a positive difference in our days these past five months. Wishing you a blessed Christmas season.

Paula Pinkerton

Montagu Avenue