I read with interest Abigail Darlington’s Aug. 25 article, “Half of Johns Is. road plan gets funds,” having been involved with the pitchfork road planning for nearly a decade pursuant to my family’s ownership of the property within which the southern portion road right-of-way has been designed.

My family has worked tirelessly for nearly a decade on issues surrounding the pitchfork design, while being good stewards of the natural resources and embracing the best interests of Johns Island residents.

The unfortunate traffic congestion on Johns Island would seem to have been avoidable with the solid planning we engaged. However, the harsh truth is that almost every municipality and county finds it far easier, if not a necessity, to wait until things are bustin’ at the seams before they spend the money to patch things up, since then the growth tax base funds are flowing to cover such costs.

Nevertheless, the reality is that we are making progress. To wit: Charleston County Council’s approval of the northern (tine) road.

Ultimately, everyone who has worked hard to advance the pitchfork design should be proud that we have done the right thing by preserving the beautiful Maybank Highway canopy, by lessening environmental impacts and by modernizing traffic design that will preserve more of Johns Island’s tranquility for future generations.

Jay Kerr

Portebella Road

Asheville, N.C.