I guess it’s not OK to unleash a string of epithets that would singe the paper it was printed on, but if I could, I would direct those characterizations at Republican candidate for governor Catherine Templeton. An advertisement for her campaign shows her loading a .38-caliber revolver and shooting a “rattlesnake.”

Have we so normalized such absurd behavior in this country that over-the-top and monstrous pandering makes it into our homes on television with our children watching?

Is there no decency, no sensitivity on the part of the media for the violence inflicted by guns every day in this country?

The irony of the ad’s placement on Channel 2 is that the spot was followed by pictures of children at their “school of the week” segment. Children are being killed almost daily because of gun violence in this country. This has gone too far. Very sad and dangerous.

Richard L. Beck

E. Ashley Avenue

Folly Beach