Republicans in the Senate are repeating the same mistakes made by the Republicans in the House when it comes to the crafting of health care legislation. They formulated their plan in secret, behind closed doors, so those most likely to be affected were not privy to the deals they were making.

The House bill was passed without any hearings on the bill, nor any scoring by the Congressional Budget Office. Our fear is the Senate is following a similar course. We object strongly to this approach.

We are members of the health care committee representing SIAN, Sea Islands Action Network, located in Seabrook, Kiawah and Johns islands. Our members have met on a variety of issues, health care being a critical one.

We have noted that Senate Republicans spent months meeting on the bill they plan to use in overturning Obamacare. There is widespread talk they plan to avoid committee hearings as well as the markup process. This is not the way to put together legislation that will affect millions of people in the health care system.

Barbara Burgess

Marshgate Drive

Johns Island

This letter was signed by 19 additional members of SIAN.