Brian Hicks’ Jan. 6 column included unsubstantiated accusations and garden-variety gossip regarding Nikki Haley’s intentions for writing a farewell tweet to her 1.7 million followers.

Mr. Hicks wrote that she was annoyed to have to close her personal Twitter account in accordance with State Department rules. Her Twitter account was more than 10 years in the making and contained the names of her followers, history, photos and other content.

Mr. Hicks used snide innuendo to speculate about Haley’s political aspirations while hiding behind the dodge of stating what unnamed persons were thinking about her political plans.

Hicks then recoiled against the opinions of other phantom sources by saying her farewell was simply an attempt to do “what she does best: staying in the spotlight.”

I say Mr. Hicks crossed a line by attacking her motives. Less obvious is that he used the occasion to launch a broadside against the America of Donald Trump. Mr. Hicks equated America to an “alternate universe” where a “dimwitted casino mogul has taken over the world.”

Mr. Hicks, if you really want to know why she wrote the tweet, just ask her. In the meantime, “bless your heart.”

Lawrence McMahon

Town Creek Drive


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