A Sept. 4 front-page article in The Post and Courier referred to the H.L. Hunley as “the first sub to ever sink an enemy ship.”

Without question, the Hunley’s victory was a historic event for global warfare. The loss of U.S. naval personnel and the Housatonic are to be honored.

The Hunley and its personnel should be remembered for their attack against the United States as well as for their pardons for treason. I, for one, believe the Hunley museum should be built, not incorporated into Patriots Point, which honors heroic U.S. Navy vessels and personnel who defended the U.S. and its Constitution.

I would hope admirals and generals on the board would consider patriotism above treason, no matter how dear the Hunley may be to part of the population of South Carolina.

Paul Flaherty

Lt. Col. Marine Corps


Atlantic Avenue

Sullivan’s Island