In the Aug. 29 editorial, “Gun background check fails again,” the statement, “Purchases at gun shows or through online interactions are effectively free of oversight.” This is simply not true.

The vast majority of sales at gun shows are by Federal Firearms Licensee dealers and 100 percent of those have a regular background check completed before the firearm is transferred. The private sales at gun shows are typically older firearms, and few are inexpensive, not the typical firearms sought by criminals for use in crime.

It is illegal, in any private sale, to transfer a firearm to anyone who you think is disqualified from owning one; just as it is for an FFL dealer to make a transfer without a background check.

As for online interactions, it is true that nearly anyone can buy a firearm, but then the order must be shipped to an FFL dealer, and the delivery of that firearm to the buyer always requires a background check completion. Online sales are never delivered directly to the buyer, and individual sellers who fail to ship through an FFL dealer are breaking federal law.

Closing these two supposed “loopholes” will allow those who promoted it to puff up, be proud. They think they have done something. The truth is there will be no effect except to burden the private legal sale or trade of firearms among law abiding citizens, while criminals continue do as they wish. That’s why they are criminals.

Tom Clark

Mendenhall Street