This is in reference to the church shooting in Texas. I called S.C. Democratic Rep. James Clyburn’s office and left a heartfelt message.

Sadly and unfortunately we know the pain that Texas is feeling. With all due respect, the sentiments of Sen. Tim Scott come off like he is tone deaf, R-S.C., to these mass shootings and the spread of guns in South Carolina in general. He sent me a form letter stating that we must not trample on the Second Amendment rights of others.

South Carolina has weak laws when it comes to guns. Go to any gun show and in some cases the seller will be less worried about your background than making the sale.

Straw sales are still a big problem. Stop allowing semiautomatic and fully automatic (bump-stock) weapons to be sold to the general public; these are weapons of war.

School teachers don’t need to carry guns in school, and we don’t need stupid laws that allow the public to carry guns in bars and restaurants. Even worse is the idiotic “constitutional carry” proposal.

Wake up, South Carolina.

Sheldon W. Rice

Former S/Sgt., U.S. Air Force

Security Police

Traditions Circle