Dick’s Sporting Goods took a principled stand to stop selling assault-type rifles and high-capacity magazines, or any gun to a buyer under the age of 21. The changes will be permanent, according to Chief Executive Edward Stack.

Although he is a gun sportsman and a supporter of the Second Amendment, he was upset by the Parkland shooting and took the kids’ rallying cry “enough is enough” to heart. He hopes politicians will follow by enacting “common sense gun reform” including a ban on assault-type weapons.

The National Rifle Association is losing ground. Gun sales have declined along with membership revenue. NRA head Wayne LaPierre’s furious rant charging gun-control advocates with trying to abolish the Bill of Rights was infused with paranoia. How looney to think that any American wants to abolish freedom of speech and assembly.

He complains about the “gun-control agenda,” while the NRA’s agenda is to sell as many weapons as possible and allow them to be carried everywhere, regardless of state and local laws. What could be more extreme than that?

Our politicians need to listen to the American people who want comprehensive reforms, not just nibbling around the edges.

A ban on assault-type weapons was once deemed reasonable and necessary by the U.S. Congress, with the endorsement of former Presidents Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan.

The Assault Weapons Ban of 1994 had bipartisan support —10 Republican senators voted for it. Let’s seize the moment, find our “can do” spirit and do big things again to stop these mass murders.

Carol Jules

Wexford Sound Drive