It is warm and safe. No pangs of hunger and not a want in the world. Your heart is beating; your brain is directing all bodily functions and you move your arms and legs to prepare for a new beginning. The guardians protect you from the anger and shelter you from the misfortunes in the world.

But you hear voices, sometimes music and other muffled sounds and feel the world’s emotions rippling through your bubble. Then the sounds feel ominous, a gravity begins to take effect pulling you into another place, a dark place.

The guardians have abandoned you, and then there is darkness. The life of an unborn child has been taken. A human life terminated.

To the so-called Judeo-Christian politicians and the anti-life legislatures, late-term abortions are de facto murder, infanticide and barbaric actions couched in political liberalism where progressive behaviors trump human morality.

Go home and look at your children and your grandchildren and tell yourself it is not us. We would never harm a child. But when good men and women ignore atrocities, the guilt is theirs to endure for a lifetime. Denial is not an antiseptic.

Bruce L. Pepchinski

Sound View Drive

Mount Pleasant

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