To my long-suffering Carolina football-faithful friends, I have a suggestion: Please seek out Peyton Manning to be head coach.

You heard me correctly. This seemingly impossible idea has been following me since Mr. Manning retired. Nothing has dimmed my belief that this is possible.

Carolina fans have to be some of the most committed out there. In the monotonous face of unceasing disappointment year after year, they remain committed. Consider one of their slogans: “Wait until next year.”

To the ambitious, daring and faithful, approach Mr. Manning with facts. Make him understand how avid and devoted you are. In the face of annual despair, you resurrect hope for the next season. Tell him how your sports facilities are excellent, your drive to win is immense and your funding ample.

Mr. Manning has achieved greatness in his profession. Clearly, he loves the sport. He is an astute, untiring student of the game. Imagine the recruiting potential.

Mr. Manning has achieved wealth and standing; he does not need this job. Challenge him to use his lifelong skills to create magic by turning a desperate-to-be-elite team into a national champion. Heck, Steve Spurrier couldn’t do it. Could he finally be the one?

Is there anyone with enough drive in Carolina Nation who is intrigued by my proposal? I hope so. Please go after it.

Why can’t we have two national championship-caliber football programs in South Carolina?

We can.

Owen G. Meislin

Grove Street