I have been on this earth for some time, and over the years so many adages have proven true time and again. However, there are times when those truisms fall short. For instance, let’s take the saying that hindsight is 20/20.

In a recent speech by Michelle Obama, she stated that when her husband was president it was like the good parent being in charge, the parent who took care of and protected you. She then stated that we now have a bad parent who is not very good for us.

“Good parent” Obama oversaw the slowest economic recovery in 40 years. Under his tenure, home ownership was the lowest in 51 years, 13 million more people were on food stamps, 43 million people were living in poverty, 95 million people were not in the workforce, the national debt doubled, and black unemployment was at three times the national average. We also endured disrespect across the world, thanks to the good parent’s lack of a spine. There also appeared to be the weaponization of our intelligence agencies.

Now look at what the “bad parent” has done for America in 15 months. The economy is booming, unemployment is at historic lows, more money is in citizens’ pockets and reinvestment in America is in the hundreds of billions. There is respect for our laws and law enforcement. He is rebuilding our depleted military and enforcing our immigration laws. America is leading again and regaining respect through strength across the globe.

Between the two parents and their impact on this country, I will opt for the bad one each time.

Mrs. Obama might be accused of wearing “rose-colored glasses,” but I believe it is more like severe amnesia.

Fudgy Brabham

Marina Drive

Daniel Island