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Letter: Foster care

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We have a critical need in the foster care system. Over 4,000 of South Carolina’s children are in desperate need of a home, and the state has asked faith-based providers to increase their recruitment efforts to connect them with a loving family. Some of these organizations, such as Miracle Hill Ministries in Greenville, have done so. And now they’re being criticized for their services to children.

Any eligible individual or couple wanting to foster a child in South Carolina can do so through their local Department of Social Services office. There is nothing preventing the LGBTQI community from fostering children.

The discrimination that needs to be exposed for all to see is the unashamed judgment and hate against faith-based providers or any group that doesn’t conform to LGBTQI beliefs.

Faith-based organizations like Miracle Hill Ministries add value to South Carolina and relief to a flooded, overburdened system for children. The diversity they bring should be celebrated rather than silenced. These children, the most vulnerable members of our society, need a unifying voice of love. They should not be made casualties of a war of discrimination against faith-based organizations.

The goal is a loving, nurturing home for kids in crisis. Let’s trade politics and the battle lines of disagreement for acceptance and tolerance of differing viewpoints. If we really want to help kids in crisis, instead of hurting them, we will support the diversity of faith-based foster care providers.

Chris Reese

Old Georgetown Road


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