A letter published on Oct. 30 stated that we should greet the migrant caravan with an army of lawyers, judges and processors. Who is supposed to pay for this, taxpayers?

If we are going to spend tax dollars for lawyers, judges and processors, shouldn’t they be used to first process the hundreds of thousands of legal immigrants who have been waiting up to 10 years to move here?

There are about 9 billion people on the planet. Given a choice, most would want to move here for the quality of life. Should we let them all in, or should we have rules and limits about who we allow in?

I assume the letter writer has not gone through the U.S. immigration process or has no family members waiting to move here legally. I have skin in this game. I have personally gone through both the green card and citizenship process and have close family members who have waited eight years so far.

People are entitled to their opinions, but let’s see those advocating for caravan members take a group of immigrants into their homes to feed and clothe them. As a U.S. taxpayer, I do not want to see my tax dollars spent that way.

Paul Jinks

Omni Boulevard

Mount Pleasant