There has been a lot of discussion and unfortunate dissension regarding the proposed Medal of Honor Museum in Mount Pleasant. Height, design and cost being critical factors and, perhaps, the actual location.

The Oct. 28 Post and Courier covered the National Veterans Memorial and Museum in Columbus, Ohio. The design itself is low and sweeping like an ascending bird. There is even a quiet 2.5-acre grove with a waterfall visible from the museum’s foyer that encourages reflection and remembrance, which would surely be applicable to Medal of Honor recipients who have given so much for our country and, in many cases, their lives.

The cost is also less than that proposed here and perhaps a more reachable and realistic figure. The location in Columbus, and not Washington, D.C., also augurs well for a location in the Charleston area where we already have Patriots Point and many existing displays of national interest and importance.

I am a veteran and would like to see the Medal of Honor Museum in the area and hope these comments will be taken in a positive and constructive light.

Scotty Andrews

River Landing Drive

Daniel Island