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Letter: ERA marching on

The League of Women Voters appreciates the Post and Courier's consideration of Barbara Fry's letter concerning the ERA. Because this issue is so important, I am offering an update: Support for the Equal Rights Amendment was approved by acclamation at the national convention of the League of Women Voters of the United States June 30 in Chicago.  

Approval by acclamation sends a strong message to all Leagues across the country. While the Charleston Area League is already deeply involved in education and advocacy for the Equal Rights Amendment, this morning our national League formally committed to this work. Finishing this job is a challenge we look forward to.  Right now we are focused on the next step-- one more state to reach the 38-state ratification threshold.  For all the reasons mentioned in Barbara Fray's letter, the ERA is especially important to the women of South Carolina.

Melinda Hamilton


League of Women Voters of the Charleston Area

Parrot Creek Way


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