One of the things that advocates of the Energy Freedom Bill being debated at the Statehouse talk about are the thousands of jobs that exist in South Carolina as a result of solar energy.

That’s important because of the economic impacts to the state overall, but it’s also important to me because I am one of those “thousands” of citizens who has a job because of solar energy.

Why should you care? The thousands of us employed by the solar industry are your friends, family and neighbors. We and the companies we work for contribute over $100 million to the state’s economy annually.

Taking this argument right to your wallet, if the Legislature passes this bill to expand solar power in South Carolina we may just be able to lower everyone’s monthly power bills.

For so long, utilities have been operating without any competition. Now solar energy prices are more affordable, and South Carolinians can offset their energy use with power generated on the rooftops of their homes and businesses.

We’ve all heard that our state’s citizens pay the highest power bills in the country. Well, with several of the provisions in this new legislation we have a real chance at letting some other state have that distinction.

Elected officials: Save the jobs of thousands of your constituents. Save our state’s ratepayers money. Pass the Energy Freedom Bill.

Rob Brode

William Dallas Avenue

Murrells Inlet

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