It was sad to hear about the closing of the Doc Williams no-kill animal shelter in Moncks Corner. My father, Dr. Josiah Williams Jr., was a veterinarian in Berkeley County and the only veterinarian in the entire county for years. His dedication to all animals (and their owners) was unsurpassed in his lifetime.

He passed away in 1997 after battling Alzheimer’s disease for several years.

After his passing, the administrators of the local animal shelter came to us and asked if they could pay tribute to our father by naming the facility after him. We gladly agreed and were honored to know that so many remembered our father this way. The staff, administrators and volunteers worked tirelessly to keep the shelter running. But, sadly, it is now closing because of rising operating expenses and a lack of financial support.

I want to thank all of the people involved over the years for everything they did and for what it meant to us.

Josiah Williams III

Hickory Cove

Mount Pleasant