After reading about the artist deported to Mexico, I had to respond. He was in the country illegally, selling antibiotics that the rest of us need a prescription to buy.

While no one is denying anyone the right to improve their lives through immigration to this country, the key word is “legal.” I found this article to be biased and deceptive, seeking sympathy for this man’s plight.

He and his siblings were here for 15 years. Were they paying taxes? Also, it mentions that these siblings are driving. Do they have a license and insurance?

The media is very deceptive, showing children being briefly separated from their parents as they were under Obama and others. The wrongdoing is removed from the parents. Why would they allow their children to be put through any form of separation at the border?

Mexico and Canada have very strict and specific immigration laws. Why is it such a terrible thing that we finally enforce ours?

I came to this country as a legal resident as a child. I speak English. I have become a naturalized citizen and pay taxes, drive legally and am paid legally.

Now we are expected to just let everyone in, drive, vote, etc.? No borders, no country.

We are all in danger if you do not know who is in the country. Legal, law-abiding immigrants are always welcome in the United States.

Jane Beals

Lake Frances Drive