In the Nov. 29 Post and Courier, you ran an article on the high cost of insulin injections. But you did not name the companies whose corporate greed is largely responsible. You should have expended the time necessary to find out which companies these are and, even more important and useful, told us who owns them. Some of the greedy can be shamed.

Had the media been more diligent in reporting the opioid crisis and who benefited from it, the press would not have spent decades lauding the magnificent contributions to art museums by the Sackler family, paid for with profits from their drug company. Public exposure might have stopped, or at least slowed, them.

Quite likely these companies are widely owned. Readers who are concerned could check to see if their mutual funds or retirement accounts hold stock in them and put pressure on management. Perhaps there’s a top executive or a considerable investor who owns a house below Broad or on Kiawah.

Richard Wyndham

Dupre Road