It’s sad that Gov. Henry McMaster pandered his way into the I-526 extension discussion in hope of gaining a few primary votes. He might just find the majority of people who jammed the public hearings opposing the $750 million boondoggle were more motivated to vote than the proponents. You have to wonder if he even read the Department of Transportation assessment of the benefits of the extension.

James Island and West Ashley residents are forecast to gain a mere 36 seconds on their commutes while Johns Islanders are forecast to save 4 minutes and 36 seconds. They spoke loudly and clearly at public hearings that they don’t want the assault on the environment and their quality of life that an inevitable increase in development would bring.

Johns Islanders understand that this low-priority project (not even among the top dozen in the Berkeley-Charleston-Dorchester Council of Governments list) will empty the bank for higher-priority and lower-priced projects that will really relieve traffic like the flyover at Highway 17 and Main Road.

State Sen. Sandy Senn says it’s time to complete the loop. The extension wouldn’t complete anything as it filters down to one lane and a traffic light at oft-flooded Calhoun Street in downtown Charleston. Our legislators ought to put politics aside and consider the cost vs. the benefits before committing our kids to more debt.

Harry Polychron

Long Bend Drive

Johns Island