I found the Dec. 4 editorial on climate change baffling. We are all aware that left-leaning environmentalists love to tell others how to lead their lives, but your assessments and solutions defy common sense.

If one were to really believe that Charleston will be under water soon (and they may be right), any new construction would be stopped immediately and planning to relocate the government to higher ground would be started.

Instead, you ignore that several other nations are far more polluting than we are and have no real intention of slowing their economy to suit some nonsensical agreement. Your suggestion that we cut back on driving and eat less meat is a solution beyond the pale.

Solutions of this magnitude must come from the government. It could lead by example by not lighting their buildings and parking lots all the time. Individuals make easy targets and are easily shamed, but they cannot compare to the energy wasted by our governments.

The Post and Courier should start pinpointing specific energy wastes both in private industry and the government where the impact can be more significant. Failure to plan properly for possible climate changes will be the fault of our government, not our next-door neighbors.

Larry Wiessmann

Seabrook Island Road

Johns Island