As a former head basketball coach at three colleges I feel qualified to recognize a talented and very entertaining basketball team.

I’d like to offer some insight on Citadel basketball this year. The team is well coached and enjoyable to watch. If you’re a basketball fan, you should come to the games.

I commend Jeff Hartsell for his outstanding coverage of this Citadel team.

As the Bulldogs head into conference play, I should point out that Southern Conference teams are as talented and competitive as they have been in many years.

I have followed the Southern Conference since the 1950s when I was growing up in West Virginia. And my college coach, Everett Case, started the Southern Conference. It was the first basketball conference in the country. Now there are 32. So I feel confident saying Southern Conference teams are among the most competitive.

These young men are truly student-athletes and represent their school and conference in a very positive way. I assure you they would greatly appreciate your support.

Go Dogs.

Les Robinson

Pettigrew Street

Sullivan’s Island