I present the following nuggets for the edification of folks “from off” and also for members of the local media.

• Lowcountry is one word. To spell it any other way is an abomination.

• There is no “Z” in Clemson.

• There is no “pall” in palmetto.

• Cooper does not rhyme with super.

• There is no “gilly” in Gaillard.

• The name Huger is pronounced “you gee,” like UG, the University of Georgia.

• The name Prioleau is pronounced “pray low.”

• The third syllable of Manigault does not rhyme with “vault.” It is pronounced “go.”

• “Winningest” is the laziest, most useless word in sports reporting. If a coach has won more games than anybody else, say so.

• The term “people of color” is meaningless.

• In the Lowcountry, there are specific times to drop the “g” in the word “fixing.” Example: “I’m fixin’ to cook up a mess of collards.”


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