What is light? It is made up of photons, particles that have mass and bombard Earth continuously as it rotates.

Those photons penetrate carbon dioxide in the atmosphere around us to heat the Earth’s surface and its oceans as they have done for billions of years.

This heating is counteracted by processes that in olden times were sufficient to cool the Earth.

That is not the case anymore. Increased pollution from cars and other combustion has resulted in global warming and sea level rise, as well as more intense rainstorms and more frequent flooding.

We can’t ignore the future any longer. With the right plan, pollution can be minimized.

Charleston and Helsinki are both situated on peninsulas. My approach: Hire a planner from Finland or elsewhere to study our infrastructure and transportation needs, and encourage people to live near work and schools to reduce traffic and commuting time.

Auvo Kemppinen

Lake Moultrie Drive