I watched the service wherein President George H.W. Bush’s body was placed to lie in repose in the Capitol rotunda.

I liked and respected President Bush and found it repulsive that Vice President Mike Pence, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and former House Speaker Paul Ryan were allowed to eulogize this wonderful man.

Each of them said things that were true about the former president and gave substance to the unusually high standards by which President Bush lived his life and served his nation.

His humility, intelligence, bravery, love, forbearance, love of family, respect for the least of us, wisdom in decisions, courage of well- founded conviction and phenomenal ability to garner worldwide consensus were praised and personified as all that is right and decent about America.

As those three gave tribute to him, I found myself thinking at the end of every attribute they expressed: “unlike the miscreant that I have decided to support at an incalculable and unrecoverable cost to our country’s institutions, our international and moral standing and our national integrity.” The gutless, integrity-free way they live their lives should have disqualified them from being in the building, much less lauding qualities of which they have no personal knowledge.

Richard L. Beck

Folly Creek Way

Folly Beach