I served with the Texas National Guard Family Programs at Yellow Ribbon Events in McAllen, a town on the border between Texas and Mexico. These events were a pre-deployment activity for service members ready to deploy overseas with their families present, including children.

We focused on offering the services and support for the families while the service member was deployed.

The room where we held our events was without windows. We were advised to not get close to the windows in our sleeping rooms, not let anyone in and double lock the doors.

With the building’s back wall so close to the border, rumors were that at night we “might” hear a lot of sounds that would sound like guns going off.

We did, and often we would take the blankets off the beds and lie on the floor for safety, throughout the nights.

Our government “leaders” need to drop the politics and get on with safety at the border.

Rep. Nancy Pelosi, please listen to Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen as she presents the facts: Drugs are coming in over the border, and this has increased, even reaching South Carolina. Show some compassion for the families whose loved ones have been injured or killed by one of the “illegals” who came over the border, individually or in gangs.

Keep in your prayers Cpl. Singh of Modesto, Calif. As an immigrant, he respected the process required, was successful in gaining his citizenship, and now has had his life taken, leaving behind a family.

Linda Dennis

Nantahala Street

Mount Pleasant