It is unfortunate for the 61 percent of Dorchester County voters who voted for the parks and library bond issues in 2016, as well as the 39 percent who voted against it, that the issue is in litigation and has been referred to the S.C. Supreme Court for a decision. This case has cost taxpayers thousands of dollars.

I must admit that I was for one of the issues, but not necessarily for the other. However, since they were on the same ballot, the voters had no choice but to vote for or against both the library and the park bonds.

Whether you are partial to the plaintiff or the defendants in the lawsuit, Dorchester County residents are losing every day that this lawsuit continues.

Thanks to the resurgence of manufacturing in the tri-county area, land is being developed at a rapid pace for subdivisions, schools and manufacturing.

The demand is causing the price of potential park real estate to escalate and succumb to development or become too expensive to purchase.

At a recent Dorchester County Council meeting, a resident asked council to list the library and the parks questions separately on the November ballot. This is the simplest solution. The lawsuit would disappear, thus saving thousands of dollars, and the county could begin the sale of bonds, if approved by the voters.

Councilman Larry Hargett expressed skepticism about the pending lawsuit, and proposed that council vote to put the two issues on the November ballot. Unfortunately for the citizens, no other council member seconded the motion.

I am sure many of us who voted in favor of the bond issues would have preferred to vote on each separately. It is time for council to use a little common sense: Check your egos at the door and vote to end this foolishness.

Myron Johnson

Shaftesbury Lane