Thank you for Thursday’s editorial describing the death of yet another cyclist who paid the ultimate price because our community leaders can’t seem to muster the will to provide people with safe alternatives to the automobile.

However, safety extends beyond just adding safe bicycling infrastructure, it also involves maintaining the bike lanes we already have. When Maybank Highway was last paved, a desperately needed bike lane was added. However, over the years, this lane has deteriorated to the point where it is now unsafe. Sand, debris and vegetation completely cover the lane in many places, forcing cyclists to swerve into traffic. If you have ever tried to ride a bicycle through sand, you know how dangerous this can be. We would never allow a sand dune to persist in the middle of our roads, why would we allow it on our bike lanes? I have alerted DOT to the poor condition of the bike lane twice in the past year, to no avail.

They tell me the bike lane is fine. It is not, as indicated in the picture. Apparently, DOT believes that maintaining our transportation infrastructure ends at the narrow white line that separates cars from bikes and pedestrians. Can we please not let what is foreshadowed in the picture happen to another cyclist because we can’t even muster the will to pay for a few leaf blowers and a couple folks to use them on our bike lanes.

John S. Peters

Coral Reef Drive

Johns Island