Well, the expected happened. Our politicians and SCANA leadership let us down, and we customers will pay billions over the next two decades for reactors that will never be used. Dominion Energy stole SCE&G in its purchase of SCANA. A once-proud S.C. company will now be headquartered in Virginia.

Will Dominion’s jacked-up rates matter to me? Probably not, but it will to thousands of other SCANA customers who can least afford it. Money that could pay off debt, send a child to college or go into savings will go to Dominion via inflated power bills — inflated to pay down failed nuclear reactors that our politicians and SCANA executives signed off on. They are people who should have known better but did nothing.

It is not a great day in South Carolina unless, of course, you own SCANA stock.

Russell Guerard

South Battery