As we approach another election cycle we are once again bombarded with candidates promising to “drain the swamp.” I understand that they are referring to eliminating incompetence, waste and corruption from government.

While we might all agree that would be a good thing, I object to the analogy “drain the swamp,” which is a bad thing. They’re giving swamps a bad name. South Carolinians should especially object to this.

We proudly boast of our Lowcountry, the ACE Basin, Congaree Swamp National Park, Beidler Forest (Four Holes Swamp), Cypress Gardens, Carolina Bays, rice fields, tidal marshes and the former home of Francis Marion, the Swamp Fox.

The lower two-thirds of South Carolina is streaked, speckled and bounded by arguably the richest diversity of wetlands in the country. Let’s respect our swamp heritage, not denigrate it. We’ve drained and filled enough. It’s time to protect and restore.

John Martin

Rose Lane