I’m not surprised at the anti-Semitic remarks of U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar. This is not the first time she’s wandered into this territory, nor do I believe it will be the last. The way she apologized for these remarks is both weak and disingenuous.

She is not a teenager making a mistake of youth. She is 37 years old and should know better and if she doesn’t, she should rely on her staff to ensure that she doesn’t say these kind of things. I am not excusing her, for there simply is no excuse for racism.

I am truly dismayed at the rapid and overwhelming acceptance of her apology by the Democratic caucus.

Letting this stand does a great disservice to the Democratic Party and weakens the esteem of the House of Representatives. Spouting racist tropes by anyone in leadership is simply unacceptable, no matter what side of the aisle they sit on. And, yes, it’s particularly egregious when spouted by our president. But that should not give license to others to do the same.

Anti-Semitism is an age-old prejudice that’s raised its ugly head once again and seems to be acceptable as long as it’s couched in terms of demeaning Israel. That must stop, and we as a nation should not under any circumstance allow it.

So, Rep. Omar, I don’t accept your apology. I will, however, accept your resignation.

Stanley B. Chepenik

Capt. Navy (Retired)

Buckingham Drive