I think it’s a disgrace that the Charleston area, known for its hospitality and tourism, has so disregarded the Amtrak station and that it is almost impossible to find.

We were in the Nov. 5 traffic jam on Cosgrove Avenue caused by several collisions. We turned back to find another route to the Amtrak station and again got caught in traffic.

My train was at 10 a.m. We breathlessly arrived at the entrance on Rivers Avenue at 9:55 only to find orange barrels barricading it.

We drove all around the vicinity seeking signs to direct us, hoping we’d make it, then sadly listened to the train as it sped away.

We pulled into a school bus company parking lot, and three employees offered to show us how to get to the station, saying we’d never be able to find it ourselves. They were right.

They took us to Montague Avenue where a small sign directed us to turn right. Then, with absolutely no signage, we made another right turn into the Liberty Hill neighborhood and finally got to the station.

Had we not met these fine folks, we’d still be looking. Shame on Charleston, North Charleston and Amtrak.

The stationmaster was helpful and courteous, so I don’t fault the personnel in the least. I realize building a new station is a big task, but not giving travelers the necessary knowledge to find their way is totally wrong.

Rosanne Wray

Cottage Plantation Road

Johns Island