Like most authors, I’m pleased when readers ask me to sign a copy of one of my books. But, like other authors, I never sign books written by someone else. So, I was surprised to learn that President Donald Trump recently signed Bibles in a Baptist church in Alabama.

I understand that some devotees believe that God (apparently a Republican) intervened in the last presidential election to make Trump president. But even his most ardent supporters don’t believe Trump is God or an author of any part of the Bible. Some of us even suspect our president has never read the Bible, except for 2 Corinthians, which Trump referred to in prepared remarks at Liberty University as “the whole ball game.”

Here’s my take on why our president might have felt justified in signing Bibles.

Donald Trump takes credit for the book “Art of the Deal,” written by journalist Tony Schwartz. Since there is much controversy over who wrote the Bible, perhaps President Trump is perfectly willing to take credit.

After all, a wrathful Donald Trump demands 100 percent loyalty, doesn’t admit to mistakes, blames others when things go wrong, never apologizes, claims to know more than any expert in any field, doesn’t recognize a power higher than himself and expects others to believe he is perfect or suffer grave consequences. That sounds a lot like the kind of god many people believe in.

Herb Silverman

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