When I retired, I became a substitute teacher. I have met hundreds of dedicated teachers. This is what I’ve found:

Every student in every classroom has the right to a good education. It’s a moral right and legal right. It is guaranteed by federal and state laws.

When a student disrupts a classroom, he is preventing the teacher from providing an education to the 30 other students in that classroom. That student is chipping away at that which his friends and classmates need to assure their futures.

If teachers call you because of a discipline issue with your child, they are not calling because they dislike your child. They are not calling you with any malice. They are not calling to question your parenting skills. The truth is the teacher is calling to ask you to become a part of the future, not just of your child’s but of all of the students in the school.

Behavior and discipline begin at home. There is no way a teacher with 50 minutes per day of your child’s time can match the time he spends with you.

No matter how much a teacher wants to help a child learn things that will bring him a better adulthood, it will never match the bond and influence a parent has. In so many ways a teacher needs your help to assure everyone in the classroom, including your child, has a solid future.

Judge Gene Rowan

Avonshire Drive