I’m not surprised at the anti-Semitic remarks of U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar. This is not the first time she’s wandered into this territory, nor do I believe it will be the last. The way she apologized for these remarks is both weak and disingenuous.

It didn’t take long for Dominion Energy, SCE&G’s buyer, to set the stage for the possibility of rate increases. It’s bad enough that we have to see their repeated ads on TV and in print about how wonderful they are to us, the consumers, while we have no choice at all on who supplies us w…

 I was saddened to learn of the passing of Fred Stroble, but heartened by the article in the Feb. 12 edition of the paper celebrating his life.

I am writing regarding the Feb. 11 Post and Courier article about whether school shooting drills traumatize students.

I just watched an argument on border security and how we need legislation to protect jobs in America. Whose jobs would they be protecting with a wall?

A lot has been said by conservatives about the need to “drain the swamp” in Washington, D.C. In South Carolina, we have our own swamp to drain in state-owned utility Santee Cooper.

Recent events suggest changes in South Carolina public education are likely. Across the state, serious discussions are underway about what is needed for immediate and longer-term legislative reform.

The Feb. 10 editorial regarding mass transit is appropriate but much too timid. The headline should have been, “What Charleston County must do for mass transit.” Here’s why.

In a Feb. 6 editorial cartoon, the Democratic Party is shown holding a balloon labeled “deficit spending.”

I have been a customer of East Bay Hardware since Day One. That being said, I question how a sense of a community is threatened when a hardware store moves a few blocks.

The Post and Courier’s bias for Clemson is so very obvious — extremely heavy, sometimes meaningless content always above the fold.

I would like to thank the Feb. 10 letter writer for the letter, “Uncaring process.”

The president’s attack on socialism in the State of the Union speech needed to be made. My take is that a little socialism, like a little knowledge, is a dangerous thing. American culture is defined by those who shaped our country. Their rugged individualism, creativity, self-reliance, gener…

“Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it” is a quote used by Winston Churchill in an address to the House of Commons in 1948. He slightly paraphrased George Santayana in that speech, which came at the end of World War II. We would be well served to heed these words in li…

A Feb. 11 letter writer cited a “lack of discipline” as part of our educational problems in South Carolina.

Normally when I read an op-ed I disagree with, I smile, chuckle to myself and turn the page. But, R.L Schreadley’s Feb. 9 “Faces in the crowd at the State of the Union” deserves a response because its intent appears to be to mislead and sow division.

A friend of mine, a priest in fact, once told me, “man by nature is a screw up but, if truly sorry for his bad actions, is forgiven. He added that God, in fact, “forgets the sin.” This doesn’t mean, however, that in some instances, some sort of restitution should be made. But who decides?

Burke High School needs a new football field, among other things. The cost of fixing flooding will be astronomical. Our roads are deplorable.

It was scary enough when Bernie Sanders ran for president in the Democratic Party primary and gained significant support. Who would believe that the new star of that party is left of him? Yes, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has taken positions that if implemented would make us a socialist country.

I was impressed by a Feb. 10 letter to the editor about the Hollings Cancer Center having no one at the check-in desk. I, too, experienced the same problem, having recently learned that my daughter was diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer that had metastasized to her liver.

In this era of political division and turmoil, I hope there is one subject we can all agree on. If the National League adopts the designated hitter rule they will lose millions of fans, me included. 

How wonderful would it have been if Dominion Energy had set aside funding for $1,000 checks and for print and television ads in an account to put residential wiring underground. A sigh of relief from the trees could be heard.

Charles Lane’s Feb. 6 commentary criticizing Boeing’s use of the Ex-Im Bank to help its customer base purchase its products conveniently leaves out several important facts which, when known, provide a much clearer picture of the subject.

Watching President Trump’s State of the Union address, I was proud and gratified that the nation is doing well both at home and abroad.

As an ex-teacher, I have read with interest The Post and Courier’s articles about education in South Carolina and its problems. Many of the ideas for improvement should be implemented.

A letter published Feb. 7 in The Post and Courier objects to building a wall along our border. It claimed, inter alia, that “the wall between Israel and Palestine is breached over, under, around and through.”

We keep hearing and reading criticisms that the Trump tax cuts benefitted the rich more than the middle class. Compare your 2018 income tax return with previous years. I did.

I agree with the Feb. 6 editorial that choosing greatness is a worthwhile intention. We get a clearer understanding of the president’s definition of greatness in an early part of his State of the Union speech.

I’ve recently read multiple “how-to” articles regarding taking small kids to Charleston breweries.

While reading about proposed rule changes for the 2019 Major League Baseball season, one hit me like a wrecking ball: adding the designated hitter rule to National League games.

Most everyone knows something about the Jim Crow era when black people freed by President Abraham Lincoln were anything but free. We are justifiably ashamed of those nearly 100 years in our democratic republic.

Multiple carmakers are planning to make mostly electric-only vehicles over the coming decade. Natural gas-powered electricity generation will help in the short-term. But nuclear power is the only realistic source of clean energy for this century.

My thanks to Gov. Henry McMaster and legislators for seeking bids to sell troubled state-owned utility Santee Cooper, which is about $8 billion in debt and on the verge of dramatically increasing rates to start paying it off.

In reference to the Jan. 28 Post and Courier article regarding Darla Moore’s quote, “If I were Boeing or BMW, I would not come to South Carolina because of the educational system.” Perhaps Ms. Moore should consider:

Recently, I stepped off the elevator at Hollings Cancer Center as I have done so many times over the past four years. I was absolutely dismayed to see that the check-in desk for infusions and labs was being replaced with three machines so patients could complete a self-check-in process.

The Trident Literacy Association Board of Directors congratulates The Post and Courier for its groundbreaking research and insight into South Carolina’s K-12 education system with its “Minimally Adequate” series.

After reading two letters on the Feb. 5 Opinion Page, “Lost its salt” and “Killing fetuses,” I was inspired to write. As one who was given up for adoption at birth, I am the product of a married woman’s “one-night stand.”

How does one apply to the Public Service Commission for an advertising rebate? Apparently, it’s pretty easy to get them to approve anything you present.

Fortunately, my cable TV was out the night of the State of the Union address. But from reading the write-ups the following day, Donald Trump did exactly what I wanted him to do.

How is it in the year of our Lord 2019 that the United States would allow the termination of the life of a baby almost up until the moment of birth?

In a Feb. 3 op-ed in The Post and Courier, the Rev. Joseph Darby cited the oft-quoted white supremacy statement by the Confederacy’s vice president in order to justify removal of Confederate monuments.

Why in the world would someone think an animal abuser could be rehabilitated in five years? No wonder we are No. 40 among states with the Animal Legal Defense Fund.

President Donald Trump says he doesn’t believe the information his intelligence team is giving him. If he doesn’t believe them, who does he believe? If he isn’t listening to them, who is he listening to?

When President Trump announced the United States was abandoning the INF treaty, accusing Russia of violating its conditions, he was in effect opening the door to a new Cold War, appealing to neocons in his administration and those in Moscow who seek to take advantage.

The writer of a Feb. 1 letter, “Paying the price,” makes an absurd claim that “only road construction companies and real estate developers” will benefit from the extension of I-526.

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