One of the issues before the South Carolina General Assembly is legislation aimed at improving mobility and safety on our roads for users of all ages and abilities, including drivers, pedestrians, bicyclists and users of public transportation. The proposal is commonly known as the “Complete …

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As a native Georgian who now calls South Carolina home, I appreciated The Associated Press story in the April 5 Post and Courier detailing anti-offshore drilling actions taken by those in the Peach State.

In this age of collusion, paranoia, insecurity and political polarization, it only makes sense that those afflicted would turn upon the safest form of mass transport on our planet. If there is a USA-proud story for the ages, it is the development of aviation and the air transport industry.

As bishop of Charleston, I would like to share some information supplemental to the March 30 editorial, “List shows Catholic Church has work to do to protect children.” It missed important facts on what we have been doing for 25 years to protect children and youths in our care.

When traveling through small town America, it is not unusual to find a statue in a square dedicated to a soldier from one war or another. In big cities, a warrior, his sword on high, atop a horse adorns many parks. But you won’t find in town big or small a statue of a critic, to paraphrase J…

It is outrageous for the Republicans to be asking for apologies from Democrats and the news media. Where is the request for an apology from Alex Jones, who accused the parents of Sandy Hook shooting victims of being actors and “fake” the same week a parent killed himself?

The Trump administration’s announcement that it has plans to cut funds for storm damages in Puerto Rico brings back many memories.

As we celebrate National Library Week, April 7-13, Friends of the Library are grateful for the continued support we receive from the Charleston County community. With new libraries opening over the next few years, that support is needed now more than ever.

I live in North Charleston and am always amazed at how great of a City Council member we have in Virginia Jamison. She works tirelessly for our community. She is always nice to talk with and she gets results.

As one gets older, you realize that everything old is new again, the more things change the more they stay the same, and history repeats itself. Those maxims are relevant for me regarding The Post and Courier’s special report on sheriffs and their power.

Were we winners or losers with the Tax Law and Jobs Act of 2017? We keep reading about those who have been blindsided with large end-of-year taxes due.

Let me set the record straight. No one I know advocates scrapping Mount Pleasant’s draft Comprehensive Plan. I was in the forum group that worked on this for 15 months. Guided by citizens’ input from surveys and open houses, we developed a positive, forward-looking vision and goals for the plan.

Growth and development in the Lowcountry are often situated near historic places that help define our collective past. Recent articles have highlighted that tension in Berkeley County, where, amid booming growth, groups such as the Lord Berkeley Conservation Trust are working to preserve the…

Do you remember watching old Western movies? There’s always a showdown. The streets clear and two gunslingers pace off. In that moment before they draw, a tumbleweed or two blows through the streets. Sadly, one (or both) of these gunslingers is about to meet their fate.

Please support S.C. House Bill 4198. On April 26, 2017, our 16-year-old son, Davis Cripe, died after drinking an energy drink. Davis was an amazing kid and strongly against drugs and alcohol because he knew they were dangerous and illegal.

On March 25, Sen. Sean Bennett correctly pointed out how important it is for voters to be engaged in school board elections and how it would be better than “always focusing on the president.”

The way the Charleston County School District has treated Garrett Academy of Technology after years of “excellent” and “above average” report cards makes one realize it is fickle, and its support can change in a flash.

I am a veteran who served with the 82nd Airborne. I was sorry to hear about the gentleman who said he felt sick when he saw a photograph of President Donald Trump in the lobby of the Ralph H. Johnson VA Hospital.

The Post and Courier’s “Above the Law” report highlights a systemic problem that exists in our society.

Once again on March 17, Brian Hicks showed his disdain for anything related to the Save Shem Creek movement. His column on the town’s “finely crafted comprehensive plan” may have had some merit if he would have left a little of his bias in check or shown he had actually taken a few moments t…

In the March 17 front-page story “Above The Law,” the writers included Charleston County Sheriff Al Cannon in with some disreputable sheriffs in our state because he slapped a driver (a misdemeanor) after a high-speed chase.

Thank you for Andrew Brown’s article about Santee Cooper’s most recent bonuses. It appears that Santee Cooper wants to reward, in order to retain, seven executives for their “qualifications.”

I wholeheartedly agree with the March 18 letter to the editor, “Stop offshore drilling in the Atlantic,” but I was puzzled over why it failed to include Rep. Joe Cunningham as one of the public officials opposed to offshore drilling.

While we congratulate The Post and Courier on its series, “Minimally Adequate,” we hope you won’t “let it go” and continue to inform the public and members of the S.C. House and Senate of the urgent need for reform. This means listening to the long list of educators who have reviewed the cur…

We wish to commend the latest version of the pending S.C. Senate Education Bill, which retains the important requirement of passing one U.S. history class for high school graduation. In addition, we hope that the senators will restore American History/Social Studies assessments for fifth and…

Reading that the S.C. House of Representatives had overwhelmingly passed a public education reform bill and sent it to the Senate for deliberation, I began to wonder, what’s the rush? In one legislative session (five months), an education reform bill is hatched with the catch phrase, “It wil…

To promote a personal viewpoint or cause, several letter writers recently have misled readers by making statements such as, “Our state’s citizens pay the highest power bills in the country” (“Energy freedom,” March 25).

I read Jonah Goldberg’s March 23 piece on the Electoral College and then read it again. He made no more sense the second time than he did the first.

When a waiter or waitress, or anyone in a service position, performs courteously and proficiently, I reward them with a sincere “Thank you” and, of course, a generous tip.

The double standards used by certain Democrats in Congress is too heavy a load for understanding. How can the same transparency that our president requested earlier be denied by Rep. Jerry Nadler, Sen. Chuck Schumer and others because the report contained highly sensitive information that co…

“Wow,” I said after hearing the S.C. Youth Wind Symphony perform at Charleston Southern University on March 24.

If Mount Pleasant and Folly Beach can limit growth, why can’t Charleston?

I am curious how much revenue the S.C. Medical Association and the S.C. Law Enforcement Association stand to lose when medical marijuana becomes legal.

Politicians and the media who have been pulling their hair and stamping their feet hollering collusion are the very same people telling us we don’t have a problem on our southern border.

Regarding The Associated Press article on high temperature records being broken: It said high-temp days that tied records were counted. So how would its thesis that heat records were being set twice as fast as cold records have turned out if they had not counted high-temperature ties? Why di…

I have waited too long to give my opinion on this subject, but our country needs to come up with a solution to the political issue of global climate change and do something. I am not a climate change denier. And I will go to bat with anyone about science. Many species of plants and animals h…

I recently went to a local business. While there, a man came in. When he spoke, I could tell that English was not his first language. The owner spoke to the man gruffly.

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