Guns and children don’t mix. Guns and people with mental illness don’t mix. Guns and people with problems don’t mix. And, it seems like guns used for personal protection cause more problems than they solve.

The IRS needs to educate moderate income taxpayers who don’t normally hire CPAs and lawyers. As a volunteer tax preparer through the IRS VITA program and the Charleston Urban League, I have done a great number of tax returns where some advice would have helped the taxpayer immensely.

David Dangerfield of Barnwell is April’s Golden Pen winner for his letter to the editor about the importance of curbing development that encroaches on historic districts that reflect the often overlooked cultural melange that helped create the modern-day Lowcountry.

Recently, Trident United Way made its annual funding announcements. Many of our finest organizations dedicated to helping those most in need saw crippling reductions in funding. I was shocked to learn of these drastic cuts. Equally shocking is the lack of explanation as to why.

Today is the beginning of an exciting new chapter in the history of the oldest college in South Carolina and the 13th oldest in the country. May 16, 2019, marks the official start date of Andrew T. Hsu, the 23rd president of the College of Charleston.

During the past few months, I’ve become increasingly aware of the danger to the public from speeding cars, trucks and SUVs in public parking lots and garages.

The May 7 Post and Courier led with the front-page story, “SC workers: Boeing process causing mistakes.” At the story’s core is the questioning of a decades-long, continuously improving manufacturing philosophy with its roots in Henry Ford’s assembly line model.

After reading about the horrible actions of a gunman at of UNC-Charlotte in the May 2 Post and Courier, a wave of respect brought tears to my eyes.

Once again, our country was reminded this past weekend that there is a significant cost for racism, hatred and bigotry. Our collective failure to recognize and denounce our nation’s history and its ongoing passivity toward domestic terrorism based on race and class has once again taken its t…

Recent news around the state and nation has included gross amounts of plastic waste being discarded, problems with municipal recycling programs, communities banning plastics and, inexplicably, legislators trying to outlaw those same plastic bans.

Cardiovascular disease, the No. 1 killer of women claiming the lives of one in three women, forces us to consider that women we know and love can be affected at any age. In fact, heart disease today claims more lives than all forms of cancer combined.

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