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Our state government’s influence on USC’s Board of Trustees should be proportional to the amount of funding the government supplies.

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In response to the Aug. 8 Post and Courier editorial, “What USC trustees should learn from Caslen’s selection as president,” we agree with your statement, “It should never be the job of the hired hands to dictate a school’s president,” the hired hands in this case being Parker Executive Search.

Every place you look, there is condemnation of guns as the cause of violence. Each time there is a mass shooting, the culprit is guns, and a hue and cry rises for taking guns from law-abiding citizens.

In the July 28 Post and Courier column by Brian Hicks about the altercations over selling palmetto roses in the Charleston City Market quotes Dot Scott of the NAACP: “We have to move beyond ‘let’s see how this looks.’ Do the right thing and the people will stand with you.”

I first met Molly Greene in 2002. My daughter and I were going on a mission trip to Honduras and I was looking to make our experience as meaningful as possible. A friend of mine recommended talking to Molly before we went, and Molly graciously agreed to meet us at the Water Mission headquart…

I am not a “sky is falling” kind of person, but who in their right mind sells their functional, established stadium before having something signed and sealed (much less a basic handshake deal) for a new or existing stadium, or at least a piece of buildable land?

Betty Reed is latest winner of the Golden Pen for her June 16 letter urging Lowcountry residents to oppose seismic testing for offshore oil and gas deposits.

Sky wish lanterns, also known as Kongming lanterns, have the potential to cause havoc on our South Carolina shore properties. This “fireball in the sky” has burned marshes, docks, homes, killed livestock and polluted our waterways, streams and oceans. The Boy Scouts of America have banned th…

On July 12, I finish my tour as commander of the Army Corps of Engineers, Charleston District. My two years have been very fulfilling, both personally and professionally. I am so proud of how district employees positively affect this community with their passion and dedication.

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