My wife requires oxygen for her everyday life. Recently, she received a notice from Medicare that it was no longer a necessity for her. Her doctors had not changed their diagnoses and knew nothing of the Medicare decision.

Was the assessment based on questionable regulations? She would have to pay $130 to appeal the arbitrary decision. Why? I hear many future decisions may come down this way.

What is the motive here? Is it to cull the aged patients or use federal regulations to decide which seniors are worthy of continued care?

I am a former health insurance man whose business was “done in” by Medicare in 1965. Today, many modern insurance CEOs see free contraceptive and sterilization procedures pile up costs. And expanding coverage to children up to the age of 26 on their parent’s health policies is a money shock to insurers.

What is the expected life span of insurance companies when one doesn’t know when the next expensive mandate will be made? Many believe, like me, that government mandated coverage will cost too much for private insurance companies to survive.

Insurance companies are no longer businesses but subject to federal dictates.

Recent permissive and expansive laws have not proven “life giving” but seemingly border on ethical idiocy.

The prayer today should not only be “God bless us” but “God have mercy on us.”

Donald Dashnaw, Ed.D

Brandt Street

North Charleston

The Sept. 4 lead editorial stated that South Carolina has seven electoral votes this year.

But South Carolina now has seven congressional districts, up from six.

Consequently, it now has nine electoral votes. These are calculated as the number of congressional districts plus the number of senators. Thus 7+2=9.

Your fact checking leaves much to be desired.

Paul Vecellio

East Edgefield Drive


People who feel disenfranchised by Barack Obama’s failure to reach across the aisle are likely watching only the Fox News Channel with its unabashedly edited (manipulated) take on political news.

President Obama has actually bent over backwards to accommodate Republican demands throughout his presidency, and every time, the Republican leadership shut it down.

Why? Our very own Sen. Lindsey Graham stated this new Republican defiance best in 2008, saying that “if Barack Obama is elected, I will fight him tooth and nail.”

Rep. Paul Ryan has been a key figure in this effort and even said that they will keep blocking anything the president does in order to make him fail.

Ryan has never voted for a compromise and indeed has always voted along party lines, a rigid stance demonstrating a lack of character and ethics. Further, Republican politicos have succeeded in making poor and middle-class Republicans think that they have their best interests in mind when indeed, they have only their own self-serving interests in mind.

Republicans want to be in charge so they can re-establish their unrelenting support of large corporations and the wealthy who run them in order to keep their money-train rolling. The poor and middle class — the largest segment that contributes to the tax base — will be the ones to lose under an unfettered Republican leadership.

Not only did the Republican leadership get us in the present mess in the first place, its unethical and characterless fight to regain power has kept us in this mess — at the expense of the less fortunate (not rich) citizenry of the greatest (maybe) nation on the face of the Earth.

Dean Jennings

Highland Park Avenue


How disappointing when a mature individual lapses into a diatribe that distracts from the message. Such is Maureen Dowd’s rant regarding Paul Ryan’s selection as the Republican vice-presidential candidate. (Aug. 16 “GOP reverts to rich-get-richer form.”)

Her personal attack on the man will please both the political left and right, the former being her cheerleaders, the latter reinforced that Ryan is the right choice, leaving the rest perplexed as to why a respected columnist lowers herself to something more in common with reality TV and late-night talk shows.

Her vehemence displaces and overshadows any valid criticism she has of his proposals, eroding rather than promoting civility. Her remarks seem immature, sophomoric and lacking in substance. It’s like a Southerner saying, “That cute girl means well, bless her little heart.” Keeping opinions oriented to facts rather than personalities would be more professional. Then, one can make a rational choice.

Jack Simmons

Church Street


Recently I was at a traffic signal behind a driver in downtown Summerville who wanted to turn left. She believed an oncoming car was too close to make the turn.

I, on the other hand, felt that I could get out and crawl across the lane before its arrival. So I tooted the horn.

The only problem — my finicky horn made more of an obnoxious blast. This clearly and rightfully caused this woman a great deal of agitation.

In order to punish me, she crept along at a speed not unlike a Charleston carriage ride. As we moved into two lanes, I passed her thinking, “That’s the end of that.” I was feeling a little regretful, though.

It was at that moment that my cell phone rang. She saw my phone number on my truck and dialed it, and then gave me an earful.

After what seemed like eternity, I just hung up.

Then I began to ruminate on the frustrating affair and chastise myself for spreading my bad mood onto her. I hit redial.

At first, she did not answer. Good, I thought, I can just leave an apologetic voicemail.

However, right in the middle of “Ma’am I just wanted to apolog ...” a calmer, more gracious woman broke into my speech with “I accept your apology and am grateful that you had the decency to call me back. Sir, I, too, was a bit too defensive.”

We’d both learned to care for our fellow human beings a long time ago, and our common decency survived.

When that day comes for you, will you do the same?

Kevin Weathers

Central Avenue


Many kudos to the Aug. 20 letter writer for “Public ignored.”

Perhaps blatant disregard on the part of our local officials for the opinions of their constituents is a reason for dismally low turnouts at the polls.

Except for national and state elections, I am one of approximately 10 percent who vote at my precinct. One time I jokingly asked my neighbor poll watcher if he felt like the Maytag repairman.

So, all you folks out there who don’t make time to vote in local elections, are you fed up yet?

Perhaps, when you get angry enough, you’ll turn out for the next local election and vote all these politicians out of office. It might be the only message that they understand.

Barbara Powell

Gypsy Lane

Mount Pleasant

I was in a local big box store the other day and had something happen that was so unbelievable that I considered calling “Ripley’s Believe It Or Not,” but on second thought I knew they’d never believe it.

I picked up and bought four different items and they were all made in America. I didn’t realize it till I got out of the store. It’s a shame that when something like this happens the stupidity and shortsightedness of sending so many of our manufacturing jobs overseas really hits home.

Let’s do right for the American worker and get these jobs back where they belong so that when in the future you pick up four items made in this country it’ll be the norm and not something that makes you feel like you hit the jackpot.

Ron Hamorsky

Branchwood Drive

Goose Creek