Are the Florida gallinippers referenced in The Post and Courier the same “gallon dipper” mosquitoes that have tortured us for the past 30 years? The ones that just get up and fly away after you mash them? The second South Carolina state bird?

Is a lobotomy a requirement to work at the South Carolina Department of Transportation?

I reference both the mindless plan to strip the trees from I-26 and the numbingly stupid plan for the intersection of Main Road and Savannah Highway.

When did a Supreme Court decision cease to become the final decision?

I reference the back, forth and back again as developers dance toward a losing battle with nature and the ocean on Kiawah.

When did it become a problem to rely on taxpayers for help if you are poor, but not if you are rich?

I reference the reactions to the “Forgotten South Carolina” series and the Beach Company’s efforts to secure a TIF for their latest Johns Island development.

I have always thought this state would modernize as time passed. When should I give up that fantasy?

Jean Everett, Ph.D.

Murphy’s Court


It seems that every day the newspaper and TV news have another story about a horrific accident tied to texting, driver distraction, weather conditions, drinking, etc.

There is, however, another underlying cause that is never mentioned.

Has anyone heard a report that details the condition or maintenance of the vehicle involved in these accidents?

The TV report of a recent bad accident on 1-26 clearly showed a vehicle with nearly bald tires.

In these tough economic times vehicle maintenance and repairs can take a big bite out of anyone’s wallet, but poorly maintained vehicles endanger many folks other than the driver of that vehicle.

States with a mandatory state vehicle inspection programs historically have a much lower rate of serious fatal accidents.

Please ask your representatives at all levels of government to put a mandatory state vehicle inspection program in place in South Carolina so that more needless deaths can be prevented.

Leif Grytebust

Susan Grytebust

Bramblewood Drive


Re the March 21 headline “Video gaming in big trouble.”

Would “March Madness” and “Final Four Fever” exist without gambling?

I think not.


Eighty Oak Avenue

Mount Pleasant

I’m appalled at the lackadaisical way people in our country keep jumping on the sinking ship of moral and spiritual decay.

We have a president who has openly advocated homosexual marriage, a major blow to the foundational moral fabric of our nation.

His reason was that he had “evolved.”

In the 1990s, President Clinton made a public statement that marriage should be between one man and one woman.

Now, he and his wife Hillary have “evolved” and are advocating same-sex marriage as their position on the subject of marriage, and contending that homosexuality is a perfectly acceptable lifestyle.

A minimum of 53 percent of people in our nation, according to recent polls, approve a homosexual lifestyle.

Listen, our nation is not “evolving,” but is in a vicious spiral downward to degradation and eventually destruction without even one shot fired by a foreign enemy.

As a Christian pastor, I’ve got my job cut out for me as do all other godly, Bible believing clergy.

Unfortunately, I had to define the clergy I am talking about, because this mess has also gotten into our churches.

I’m adding to the list of national immorality and sin to include not only homosexuality, but fornication, adultery, pornography, lying, stealing, and about everything else that God prohibits and hates.

I’m saddened by this sobering truth, but I’m encouraged by a verse of scripture I’ve discovered in II Chronicles 7:14: “If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves, and pray and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from Heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”

Mike Moore

Pimpernel Street


Family values are about loving, accepting, embracing and supporting our children, even if our pastor, priest or rabbi does not.

Michael Newman

Montague Court