ALEC power After reading your article on the American Legislative Exchange Council my first thought was not that our elected officials are acting like tools of the corporate world. I already knew that.

What did surprise me was how open our “public servants” are about being bought off by ALEC.

It would seem that our legislators would care enough for the citizens not to rely on rubber stamp bills handed to them by big business.

ALEC, its corporate sponsors, and the legislators who do their bidding remind me of a quote from Italian dictator Benito Mussolini, “The first stage of fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power.”

Ben Graham Gypsy Lane McClellanville

Keep on VA In an April 5 article “VA cuts funding to embattled North Charleston shelter” Renee Dudley informs us how the federal bureaucrat-in-charge, Scott Isaacks, explained the funding decision in a letter to the shelter.

Ms. Dudley reports that: 1) Isaacks’ decision “raises questions about how the nonprofit shelter will continue operations.”

2) “The future of other public grants to the shelter, including more than $840,000 in local, state and federal tax dollars intended for a facility expansion that is only partially done, is unclear.”

3) It is “unclear whether the Charleston area has enough transitional housing available to accommodate the displaced veterans.”

4) Neither Isaacks nor other VA officials could be reached to explain this.

5) “The VA has demanded repayment of misspent money, drawn from the per diem funds now being withheld.”

Golly. Everything is more unclear now. What became of the investigation of the shelter by the VA’s inspector general and by the FBI?

I presume Mr. Isaacks and his supervisors are avoiding Ms. Dudley like the plague.

Please do not stop following this story. Greed and dishonesty should not be tolerated for any reason at any time in the operation of our VA facilities.

Our military heroes deserve the best a grateful nation can provide.

Robert J. Knox Janice Street

Goose Creek Alternate view A letter about the origin of the term “posh” published on April 12 is very interesting. But that’s not the way I heard it.

In the salad days of the British Empire the lifeline ran from the English Channel south to Gibraltar, then eastward through the Mediterranean Sea to the Suez Canal, through the Red Sea to Ceylon and India, then continuing east through the Straits of Malacca to Hong Kong.

On the east-bound legs of the trip the starboard side of the ship would be exposed directly to the sun so a portside accommodation was preferred.

Homeward bound the reverse was true and starboard side was desired.

Hence Port Out — Starboard Home or “posh.”

G.L. Puckhaber Jr. Sanford Road

Charleston CSO smash Last Sunday’s prompt Charleston Symphony Orchestra review by Adam Parker was accurate and appreciated.

The Post and Courier always informs us of upcoming concerts, but often reviews are not in the next day as they once were.

This special concert of a remarkable work, Mahler’s Symphony No. 2, entailed many voices and instruments. It was a treat to hear it done so well.

The movement of French horns on and off stage was intriguing to watch and hear.

A soloist told me that purchasers of this recording sometimes think something is wrong with it until they read the notes and understand Mahler’s direction.

The two soloists were teachers from Charleston Southern University.

Thank you, Adam Parker and Post and Courier. Thank you, CSU teachers, who just happened to sing exquisitely in the symphony the night before their students’ honors recital.

Martha F. Barkley Shadowcreek Court

Charleston Clarifying quiz As to Hilary Rosen’s comment that Ann Romney didn’t know about work because she hadn’t worked a day in her life,

I would like to ask two simple questions:

1) What does that matter? Ann Romney, a mother of five boys, is not running for office.

2) What job did Mr. Obama hold prior to becoming a state and then federal employee? Back in 1996 at University of Chicago Law School, then Prof. Barack Obama was teaching students constitutional law.

But after his recent attempt to intimidate the Supreme Court over his monster called Obamacare, I would advise his former students to take a refresher course.

The truth is, Obama has been a miserable failure, and class warfare is all the Democrats have left to run with. Dividing a nation already tearing itself apart is a dangerous and pathetic tactic.

Sam Trippi Beauregard Road Summerville

The Citadel’s bias It’s no secret that the conservative agenda is promoted and encouraged at The Citadel, but why is no one calling school officials on it?

An institution of higher learning should not be so obviously biased to any particular ideology.

Critical thinking, rather than indoctrination, should be the object of any undergraduate education.

Greg Nicholas Hutton Place Charleston