Driving from West Ashley on Highway 61 to town, across the small overpass to blend into the left lane by the Holiday Inn can be scary.

But, proceeding on the bridge at 30-45 mph, and crossing two more lanes of heavy traffic to Lockwood Boulevard gets my heart racing every time.

Closing the right lane for bikers and walkers is a fine idea for them, but what about us, the 56,000 plus drivers (passengers, too) facing even more heart palpitations?

This is another case of political correctness to satisfy a very small minority. This bridge is substandard per the Department of Transportation.

A smarter idea? Include a bike and walking lane when the bridge is replaced. Don’t make a bad situation worse.

Paul Wachter

Hobonny Lane


It seems incredible that many Republicans, such as our own Sen. Lindsey Graham, who have railed at the Justice Department for its “Fast and Furious” gun-running project, at the State Department for covering up circumstances surrounding the death of our ambassador in Benghazi, Libya, and at the IRS for targeting groups and individuals for their conservative political beliefs, would now ask us to trust that the same big government will not misuse the billions of pieces of data collected from telephone companies and Internet service providers.

Is it not chilling that a 29- year-old, short-term contract employee can get access to these data?

How many hundreds of thousands of big government employees could misuse these data?

Remember, even J. Edgar Hoover developed secret files on political adversaries as director of the FBI.

Data collection encompasses domestic as well as international connections and seems to go far beyond the scope that a reasonable person would have expected with the Patriot Act. Congressional oversight committees and Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act judges appear to be in rubber-stamp mode, allowing this intrusion into the lives of virtually every American citizen.

While we all want to combat terrorist attacks, recent events such as the Boston bombing suggest that this ever growing database is by no means the ultimate savior.

Benjamin Franklin said it best in 1775: “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”


Hidden Lakes Drive

Mount Pleasant

In these times when things in our world are so complicated, we still have experiences that make our hearts light and give us hope. In May I saw my youngest grandson graduate from The Citadel, along with many others whom we all can be proud of.

On June 4, I saw my eldest great-grandson graduate from kindergarten at Orange Grove Elementary School. These children learned much and were happy to be growing up. They were also very well-behaved.

Our future looks promising to me.

Our young people in America are well prepared to work hard and make our country and our world a better place in which to live. I take my hat off to each one and wish them the best of luck.

Virginia B. Seignious

Coleridge Street


Seventy-six percent of Americans recently polled want a special prosecutor in the IRS scandal. We know who the other 24 percent are. They work for the IRS.

Norma Horvitz

Church Street


I was shocked to see what a wonderful job our Legislature thinks the Public Service Commissioners have been doing.

All the commissioners have to do to receive a glowing job evaluation from our Legislature is to be courteous and respectful at public meetings (where most folks are outraged at the PSC’s incompetence) and attend a handful of seminars and meetings.

According to the annual reviews online, that is all there is to it. Shouldn’t their job evaluation take into account that consumer bills have skyrocketed while the monopolies have boosted their profits? Apparently not.

Our S.C. Legislature commending the PSC on a job well done reminds me of Bush surveying the Katrina disaster and saying, “Brownie, you’re doing a heckuva job.”

Turned out Brownie wasn’t doing a heckuva job, and neither are our Public Service Commissioners.

Frank Heindel

Hobcaw Drive

Mount Pleasant

Trees along I-26. Cruise ship pollution. Beach renourishment.

Enough trivial news. I want to know why the Coburg Cow is not rotating.

Bob Crosby

Carolina Bay Drive


I would like to thank The Post and Courier and others who were responsible for sponsoring the Food Truck Rodeo on June 8.

The food and music were great.

My only suggestion: It would be nice to have this twice a year. Once in the summer and once in the fall.

Thanks, again, for the great time we had.

Joseph Murgatroyd

Iroquois Street

North Charleston