There are four things that are certain if you live in South Carolina in the summer:

1) There will be deaths

2) There will be taxes

3) There will be thunderstorms somewhere in the state on a Sunday.

4) There will be those large annoying, unnessary, take up half the screen, storm warnings from Storm Team 2 and Live 5 News, which ruins the golf coverage or whatever you are watching.

They know it is distracting for they take it off during a commercial. What’s more important to them, watching a commercial or the TV coverage?

We are not stupid, put it on in a small area of the screen, and take it off.

It is like Storm Team 2 and Live 5 News are competing as to which one can have the most annoying and distracting warning.

They then have the nerve to ask us to stay tuned to their station. When the show is over I can’t wait to change the channel.

Nothing is more annoying than watching the golf ball go into some large map which takes up half the screen and covers the hole.

I promise if you put the warning in a small space in the corner of the screen and then take it off, I will heed your warnings.

I will delay my travel, I will stay away from my windows, and I will not go out in my backyard holding a steel pole raised toward the sky.

Paul Archer

Muirfield Drive

Pawley’s Island

I just adored the July 7 letter titled“Ship pollution.” I dare say soot has been wafting over the homes of peninsula Charleston for over 100 years.

Only in the last couple of of years, when Jim Newsome and the city decided to build a spectacular new terminal have some residents been out wiping off their window sills and, by golly, found soot.


Frankly, I’ve rarely seen a clean window sill in Charleston or anywhere else in the world, I might add.

Vehicles of all description are today, and have been for years, belching fumes and yes, soot, into the air since “puss was a kitten” as my Mom used to say.

Now it is an issue to try to block what, in my opinion, will be a world-class cruise terminal, and I’ve seen a lot of them around the world I’m fortunate enough to say.

I can’t wait to see the East Side of Charleston morph into a beautiful terminal with surrounding landscaping and access to the water front. The East Side deserves this, not condominiums blocking those residents view of the water.

Lorraine Evans

Bedons Alley


I disagree with several points in the July 12 editorial on the greenway.

First, the plan that I have seen calls for paving the entire greenway from Folly Road to Rantowles Creek. That is not a portion, but the entirety.

Second, your words imply that access to the greenway is somehow limited for bicyclists, mothers with strollers, and wheelchairs.

It is limiting for those bicyclists who want to ride in packs at a high rate of speed. Single riders of beach cruisers, mountain bikes, and even bikes with training wheels are frequent sights on the greenway now.

Training rides for avid cyclists should not take place on the greenway.

Parents and grandparents of children use the greenway now, pulling wagons, pushing strollers, and even walking with their children and pets.

Although I have not yet encountered a wheelchair on the greenway, I concede that asphalt is easier to navigate than dirt and gravel.

Does that mean the greenway should be paved?

The point is that the greenway of today is a relaxed place, where people can stroll with children and pets, where runners can run on a forgiving surface, and where the residents can walk to their neighborhood stores, the library, or a restaurant.

Paving the greenway and widening the surface to eight feet will only encourage people to use it as their favorite exercise club, like the Ravenel Bridge is today for so many people.

The reality is that the greenway already serves the neighborhoods and their people well.

Paving and otherwise “enhancing” the trail will destroy the nature of the greenway.

All this so people won’t get mud on their shoes?

Addison Ingle

Beverly Road


It was clever but deceitful to print a front page “analysis” by Ezra Klein, a liberal blogger and columnist, along with a picture of Sen. Jim DeMint.

There was a time when only hard news by nonpartisan reporters made it to the front page. This story should have been confined to the editorial pages.

It is clear that The Washington Post is determined to re-elect Obama and slander Romney at every opportunity.

Has The Post and Courier staff become partisan as well?

Charles Mascari

Hidden Lakes Drive

Mount Pleasant