Theater needed King Street is a wonderful shopping district, but it lacks one thing — a movie theater.

Judging by crowds at the Sottile Theatre during the Charleston International Film Festival there is certainly a demand for good films at a downtown theater.

The Sottile’s ongoing restoration is making the former Gloria Theatre into an even more beautiful building.

Too bad the Garden Theatre is now a clothing store. It should have stayed a theater. The Riviera contains posters of the old theater but it, too, is something different.

Columbia has a movie theater downtown. I believe Asheville still has a twin cinema that shows art house movies in a downtown setting.

With the College of Charleston and The Citadel it would seem Charleston has a ready audience eager to see quality films in a convenient location. Perhaps the owners of the American Theatre could try again to show first-run films. Surely a film buff could come up with a solution.

Bill Bryan Joy Avenue Charleston

Rude racket Jeff Hartsell’s April 5 story on the Family Circle Tournament referred to women “grunting.”

The idea that paying customers cannot even breathe loudly when one of the divas is serving and grunting like some kind of Neanderthal beast is hypocritical, insulting, intrusive and downright rude.

This goes for male Neanderthal beasts.

Seymour Rosenthal Waterfront Drive

Mount Pleasant Respect for all

Charleston lost one of its gems in the passing of Dr. Gordan Stine. Dr. Stine was a respected dentist, a leader of the local Democratic party and a devout Jew.

One of his best friends was Dr. James Edwards who is also a gem, a respected dentist, a leader of the Republican party and a Christian.

These two men demonstrated how politicians should act. They remained friends by respecting each other’s differences.

I have voted as an independent for a number of years, and I long to see statesmen shine. I would like to hear that “conservative” and “liberal” are not bad words. Rhetoric from both parties is splitting America and causing anger throughout the country.

I believe Jesus would call us to pray for all folks in the political arena, including those with whom we disagree.

I hope the spirit of Dr. Stine and Dr. Edwards prevails.

Please pray for America. Jack Cranwell

Gin House Court Charleston Tina has a home

Eleven-year-old Tina was turned into the Frances R. Willis SPCA because her owner was moving. She’s the cutest little Shih Tzu mix, completely housebroken, and she knows a few commands.

How many people would adopt a dog that old? We did, rather than see her linger in the shelter waiting for a home that may never come.

And if she leaves us after a few years, we’ll know that her old age was softened by a cozy dog bed, good dog food and affection from people.

If Tina’s former family ever wonders what happened to her, assure them that she’s well taken care of.

Bob and Jane Orenstein Wainwright Manor

Summerville Komen grateful Thank you to the Charleston Stingrays, the Cooper River Bridge Run, their sponsors, volunteers and fans. Your financial support has helped Komen Lowcountry have another successful year.

Through Pink in the Rink in February and the bridge run in March, you raised over $47,700 for Komen Lowcountry. Your support will allow for 477 more women and men who could not pay for a mammogram to be provided one.

Or folks who received a free mammogram through a Komen grant and who need more diagnostic treatment, will be able to have that provided. Also, our grants can help with transportation for those going in for mammograms.

The continued support of the Charleston Stingrays and the Cooper River Bridge Run, has enabled us to award over $668,000 in grants to 11 nonprofit organizations in our 17-county service area.

Among our local recipients are Barrier Islands Free Medical Clinic, Hollings Cancer Center and Roper-St. Francis Health Care. They received grants totaling $190,000.

We cannot serve our local community without your financial support, your sponsors, those who attend your events and all the volunteers who give so much time.

Taffy Tamblyn Executive Director

Lowcountry Affiliate Susan G. Komen

for the Cure Sussex Road Charleston

Unfair to Citadel I am responding to a recent letter titled “Lay off The Citadel.”

In September, when U.S. News & World Report rated The Citadel No. 1 among public colleges and universities in the South, the first school named in The Post and Courier’s story was Clemson, as No. 25 among the South’s top public universities.

Then came College of Charleston, which ranked fourth among Southern universities. Then S.C. State, fifth among the nation’s public historically black colleges and universities.

The Citadel, rated No. 1, should have been first, but it came fourth in the story.

When The Citadel football team beat VMI overwhelmingly (41-14), the report was relegated to Page 3 of the sports section.

Does this sound like support for a hometown school?

It seems like some kind of vendetta to me, and I think The Post and Courier should lay off.

Tom Anderson The Citadel, Class of ’53

Palmetto Road Edisto Island