Many were saddened to hear of the passing of Peatsy Hollings on Oct. 16 after a courageous battle with Alzheimer’s disease. The Alzheimer’s Association extends its deepest sympathies to former Sen. Fritz Hollings and the entire Hollings family.

While Mrs. Hollings’ journey with Alzheimer’s disease was largely outside the public eye, the unique sense of loss that accompanies Alzheimer’s is a feeling that South Carolinians know all too well. In our state, 80,000 people live with Alzheimer’s. The impact is widely felt by families and caregivers.

Today there are as many as 5.4 million Americans with Alzheimer’s disease. By 2050, experts predict that there will be as many as 16 million unless we do something about it now.

The Alzheimer’s Association strives to help all Americans affected by Alzheimer’s. It provides individuals and families with information and resources to cope with Alzheimer’s disease while supporting research to halt the progression of the disease.

There is hope on the horizon. For the first time we have a national Alzheimer’s plan with a goal of preventing and treating Alzheimer’s by 2025. Researchers are closer than ever to meeting that goal, but they are in critical need of adequate funding and clinical trial participants. Learn how you can help by visiting Together we can end Alzheimer’s disease.

Cindy Alewine

CEO and President

South Carolina Chapter

of the Alzheimer’s Association

Clemson Boulevard


No wonder we have fewer factory workers now since we have no longer build factories. Instead, we create a “campus.”

We don’t sell things any more, we “monetize” them. Our problems have turned into “issues” and our big problems have become “challenges.”

You know, like, really.

For sure.

A.D. Heathcock

Palisades Drive

Mount Pleasant

Recent national polls indicate that less than 6 percent of eligible voters have not decided on whom to support for president. Here are some facts for them to consider:

President Obama, as he promised during the 2008 campaign, sought out and ordered the killing of Osama bin Laden, the world’s most despised terrorist.

The president, authorizing the use of military drones has had 15 Taliban and al Qaida senior leaders killed, without the loss of any American military lives.

Also as promised in 2008, the president has ended the war in Iraq. And in Afghanistan, the war is winding down and a deadline for ending the war has been set for 2014.

Our president has been able to get the landmark Affordable Health Care Act enacted. This bill is making health care available to an additional 32 million Americans. Insurance companies will no longer be able to deny coverage due to existing conditions and will allow children to be on their family’s policy until age 26.

President Obama acted decisively to invest in our auto industry and prevented one million job losses. His opponent said to let them go bankrupt. Our president signed into law the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act that now helps all women have equal pay for equal work.

The president ended the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy affording all military personnel the dignity and respect they deserve.

Our president nominated two highly qualified women to the Supreme Court, and they were confirmed by the Senate. He made college more attainable by increasing the maximum Pell Grant.

Not one member of the Obama administration has been indicted or jailed during his first term. Remember Haldeman/Ehrlichman, John Mitchell, Ollie North and Scooter Libby? The Obama family’s life in the White House has been exemplary.

For all of these reasons and more, President Obama deserves a second term.

Jean Masonis

Mashie Court

Mount Pleasant

The New York Times reports that the Afghan Army is so plagued with desertions and low enlistment rates that it has to replace one-third of its entire force every year.

Not to worry. Col. Akbar Stanikzai, senior official in the recruitment effort for the Afghan National Army states that, “There are drug traffickers who want to use our units for their business, enemy infiltrators who want to raise problems, and jailbirds who can’t find any other job.”

And Republicans don’t want to get out? If history is any guide, the world is about to witness just one more egotistical empire buried in the graveyard that is Afghanistan.

Philip J. Murphy

Ventura Place

Mount Pleasant

As we read letters here, it becomes more and more evident that schools no longer teach civics, or people have forgotten what they might have learned when the founders were considered relevant, or many simply want to continue to gorge at the federal trough.

Nothing less than the future of the federal system envisioned by the founders is at dire risk.

As James Madison, aptly named Father of the Constitution, succinctly wrote in Federalist No. 45, the powers “delegated” to the new federal government were “few and defined,” while those which were to “remain” with the states were “numerous and indefinite.”

As we witness the voracious expansion of federal authority by this administration — Obamacare is certainly the largest example — it is beyond cavil that the system laid out by the founders is at peril. People can choose to discard what has served this nation and the world brilliantly for over two centuries, but many seem simply to have no idea what’s at stake.

Unfortunately, Benjamin Franklin was prescient when he wrote, “When the people discover that they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic.”

It certainly appears that is where we are headed if this president is re-elected, and so many are unaware or don’t care.

Elizabeth Vary

George Vary

Black River Drive

Mount Pleasant

I am a 65-year-old cancer survivor. Dr. Jeffrey Wong is the finest doctor and follower of the Hippocratic Oath that I have ever met. His knowledge and opinions are held to be gospel by me as is his treatment of patients.

I used to be one of the doubting ones of medical care in the South. As a former Rutgers instructor, I would head back to the Northeast for medical care believing the quality was of a higher standard.

Living in Myrtle Beach, making the trip to Charleston and MUSC was a hardship for my family, but Dr. Wong and the care I received at MUSC changed my mind about many things. My family appreciated the care even more than I did.

Douglas B. Ayrer

Aqua Vista Court

Myrtle Beach

Serious business is too often relegated to “political football.” Many times I see ignorance and semantics at the core of arguments for and against candidates for office.

One letter writer offered that felons wouldn’t be able to vote if the ID law is implemented. The ID law does not address votes cast by convicted felons.

The only time to my knowledge that felons cannot vote is while they are serving their sentences. After a person’s sentence is served his debt to society is paid, and with the exception of guns, his rights are inviolable.

Am I that old and out of touch that I must wax nostalgic for a time when the country, state, county or city’s best interests were of paramount concern? It seems now that selfishness and partisanship are all that matter.

And to those of you who vote against your own interests simply because you are unhappy, I say: If you cut off your nose to spite your face you will not be able to smell when something is fishy.

It makes no sense to elect and return, forever, persons with no relevant life experiences. The longer a politico holds office the more power he has, and the less for voters. Power to the people.

John C. Godfrey

Kracke Street