In the May 10 issue of The Post and Courier, Page B2, County Councilwoman Anna Johnson stated that “disabled riders who now use the Route 21 bus, could start using the Tel-A-Ride.”

The cost for us seniors taking the Route 21 bus to Roper/MUSC/Rutledge Tower, round trip is $1.70. To use Tel-A-Ride, a round trip would be $7, an increase per trip of $5.30. If a person needs to use this once a week, that is a monthly increase if $21.20.

I am a part-time receptionist at the Canterbury House. On May 13 I witnessed the Route 21 driver go right past the stop in front of Canterbury House where a potential, paying rider was waiting.

When I called CARTA about it, I was told, “It’s a new driver, and he missed the stop.” Route 21 begins and ends at the Canterbury House. CARTA claims there are not enough paying riders, and then they pass one up.

Many times I have been on the Route 21 bus when it picks up three young mothers and about five toddlers among them. Since children under six don’t pay, they are not included in CARTA’s numbers.

If the City of Charleston can pay for tourists to ride the trolley free, why can’t it help senior and disabled citizens?

Naomi Radcliff

Market Street


The thorough defeat of Elizabeth Colbert Busch should be a wake-up call to the left-leaning Post and Courier staff as to how out-of-touch they are with the people of the 1st Congressional District.

Showing little objectivity in their apparent wish to sway the congressional election for the Democrats, reporters Robert Behre and Schuyler Kropf went so far as to describe a Republican fundraiser at a “fenced and gated” residence.

They didn’t teach that in journalism class. Newspaper headline writers got in the unbalanced act by posting “Sanford reeling” and “Colbert Busch talking jobs” like an advertisement from the Democratic National Committee.

Not to be outdone, The Post and Courier editorial staff endorsed Colbert Busch with the canard that the union-backed candidate was a “business advocate.”

These almost comical attempts failed to alter the results but succeeded in destroying any credibility The Post and Courier has as an objective, representative media source.

The predictable aftermath analysis from Post and Courier columnist Brian Hicks was that Colbert Busch had no chance with “those folks” anyway, reinforcing the prevailing theme of condescending disrespect the newspaper staff has for a majority of South Carolinians.

The leftist lurch of the newspaper staff has become an embarrassment to responsible journalism and, as the election results proved, lacks any real influence on the people of the 1st Congressional District.

Michael Trouche

Marsh Court Lane

Mount Pleasant

Mark Sanford is back in office again. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me six times? Einstein gave this definition: “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

None of Sanford’s five previous attempts at public service has been very heavenly, but he said God gave him a second chance.

Let’s hope he will also be given the wisdom and courage to represent all the people of South Carolina. He is there to facilitate important state projects and services, not to stop them in the name of unyielding austerity. He can sleep in his office if he wants, but roads need fixing. The harbor needs dredging. Children need to be educated.

After South Carolina seceded from the Union in 1860, James Petigru, a former state legislator, said, “South Carolina is too small for a republic and too large for an insane asylum.”

We’ll have to see if Sanford helps us become a better state or if he leads us deeper into bedlam.

Henry Fellers

Seabrook Island Road

Johns Island

South Carolina’s incentive package for Boeing is exactly the kind of thing that government should be doing for business and industry. Government should neither stand clear and let business have its way nor stand in the way with overbearing regulations and taxes.

The government should make its job to create a successful climate for business by creating an educated workforce, sound infrastructure and straightforward tax policies. I sincerely hope that Boeing will motivate the state to invest more in education and infrastructure, so that our economy and our state can grow and prosper.

Michael Hall

Bergenfield Road

Mount Pleasant