On March 24, the Charleston Fire Department was called in response to a fire on the eighth floor of the Medical University Hospital. As a precaution, hospital staff relocated approximately 30 patients from the eighth floor to other areas.

Their quick thinking and swift response enabled this to be done safely and with minimal disruption. Commitment to staff training on the fire plan, combined with diligent awareness, proved to be critical elements in mitigating the patient safety risk.

Such preparedness would not be complete without good communications with our first-responder community. The Charleston Fire Department’s response time was nothing short of phenomenal.

These community heroes are consummate professionals in every sense of the word.

On behalf of the MUSC family, we extend our profound gratitude to the Charleston Fire Department for a job exceptionally well done.

Raymond Greenberg, M.D. President

Medical University of South Carolina

Jonathan Lucas Street Charleston

The Republicans are trying to push S.C. bill H.4652, to strengthen the so-called right to work laws which have nothing to do with a “right to work.” It’s about money and weakening unions. Conservatives see unions as the only viable check on their political aspirations to rule the nation.

They are traditionally against welfare and other forms of governmental assistance that go to those who they claim don’t pay their fair share.

However, they are in favor of laws which would allow workers to receive the benefits of representation without having to pay for it. Unions actually help keep people off government assistance with a living wage, health benefits and a pension or retirement.

Let’s compare unions to hunting clubs. Hunting clubs have dues-paying members to take care of the property and feed the animals. Unions have dues-paying members to negotiate and live by a contract. If a person goes to a hunting club without being a dues-paying member he may get shot or arrested. If a person takes a job at a company where a majority of the employees voted to be represented by a union, he gets a free pass from paying dues.

If the union fails to represent that person, the union can be sued and all of the money paid by members given to the non- dues-paying person by the courts. Where is the fairness?

Carl Binnarr Linden Street Moncks Corner

Editors, reporters and readers, beware your own knee-jerk bias.

Wait for the facts before making up your mind about the event described in a headline as “North Charleston officer shoots teen” on March 26. This could be viewed as designed to inflame the reader.

The real story should report what was going on when witnesses said shots had been fired. Several black men, including one with dreadlocks, were involved before officers were called to Dalton and Emden streets in the Ferndale neighborhood. Could the police action be the anti-climax?

Many have already passed judgment on the recent Trayvon Martin incident without knowing all the facts. Please wait for the grand jury that will be convened on April 10 to determine whether to bring state charges on the Florida issue.

Could Al Sharpton and the NAACP better serve humanity? Do we have people issues that need attention, not race issues?

Who and what is racist or biased? Maybe we just need to work together instead of against.

Coleman Dangerfield Jr. Lazy Hill Road

Moncks Corner

I had the pleasure of attending activities held at The Citadel in observance of Corps Day 2012 on March 17. There was beautiful weather, outstanding organization as always, and a chance for relatives and friends to visit with cadets.

When I picked up my copy of The Post and Courier on Sunday morning, I was hoping to see many photos of the activities, but instead was met with a negative article about The Citadel on the front page. I should have known what to expect.

The front page of your newspaper often uses the Sunday of Parents’ Weekend, Homecoming and Corps Day to give negative press to The Citadel. Many other parents said that is what they have come to expect, too.

With all the positive accomplishments of young men and women at The Citadel, it is unfortunate that you have chosen to give headlines to the negative. The negative needs to be addressed, but I do not understand the timing of these headlines.

Families have come to celebrate, not to mention spend a great deal of money supporting the local economy. Wouldn’t it be great to highlight the accomplishments of their sons and daughters at The Citadel?

As past president of The Citadel Family Association, I ask you to attend these festivities. I guarantee you can find something positive on which to report.

Mary Cunningham Morgan River Drive North


Wouldn’t it be great if litter didn’t exist?

Wouldn’t it be great if everyone understood that tossing a piece of trash or cigarette butt out of a car window or allowing debris to fly from a truck bed causes environmental, community and economic problems?

Many individuals, community groups and businesses pull together to help combat litter. One is Community Pride of Charleston County, Inc., a non-profit volunteer organization designed to create an awareness of the needs and concerns of our environment.

Sponsored by Clemson University Extension Service, Charleston County government and other governmental and private entities, Community Pride strives to promote environmental improvement and beautification. One of our signature efforts, along with the S.C. Department of Transportation, is the Adopt-A-Highway Program.

During 2011, 2,030 volunteers picked up 50,955 pounds of litter from Charleston area highways through the program. This annual volunteer effort saved local taxpayers $90,651.

Let’s all “have some pride,” not litter and help educate others to stop this unnecessary and costly problem. Community Pride welcomes new members, volunteers and sponsors. If interested contact Angela Crouch at acrouch@clemson.edu or 843-722-5940, ext. 112.

Donna H. Gueldner Chair, Board of Directors

Community Pride of Charleston County

Meeting Street Charleston

Paul Krugman says Republicans are obsessive and that a “drill baby drill” approach would not help our economy. He is just a shill for the Obama administration.

Here are a few critical points he conveniently left out of his March 18 tirade:

1) All oil production, no matter where, affects the world price of oil.

2) The more oil we produce domestically the less we support unreliable dictators of other countries.

3) Our cost of imported oil has risen in part due to our weaker dollar.

4) Every new domestic job in the oil business creates another taxpayer and lessens the need for unemployment benefits.

5) Domestic oil production can be increased without huge environmental impacts and with little or no cost to taxpayers.

6) Every new domestic oil job helps our economy.

7) Currently there is no alternative to oil for transportation.

If the United States were to increase output to the levels we are capable of, the price volatility created by Iran’s threats would be minimized.

Producing much of our own oil will reduce the necessity for us to police the Middle East to the tune of trillions of dollars and the most precious lives of our military men and women.

Krugman states, “Intellectual bankruptcy, I’m sorry to say, is a problem that no amount of drilling and fracking can solve.”

My response to that type of intellectual piety is this: I may be less educated in economics, but I can recognize dishonest propaganda when I see it.

Terry Hardesty W. Main Street

Moncks Corner