Doug Pardue’s “Forgotten South Carolina” analysis of problems in the depressed counties of South Carolina was thorough.

He actually does offer solutions to the problems uncovered in his research, an uncommon event in social observers.

There are two difficulties that are present in the solutions, however: 1) A frequent answer is more money and more taxes — a standard answer to social problems and very frequently ineffective. 2) It is difficult, if not impossible, to find any reference to personal responsibility and personal behavior. We are dealing with human beings.

Until a society or portion thereof places a value on education and scholastic achievement you may spend $20,000 per pupil and the results will be the same as today’s.

The problems outlined are immense and cannot be corrected overnight. Unfortunately, they never will be corrected if it is easier to live on government assistance than to go to school, become educated and then work. These are the hardest achievements to attain. It is also very difficult for young people to understand the satisfaction achievements will bring in the future.

Robert M. Savin, M.D.

Privateer Creek Road

Johns Island

As a lay Catholic I would like to weigh in on who I believe the next pope will be and why.

He is Christoph Cardinal Schonborn, Archbishop of Vienna, and he is exactly what is needed.

He, at 68, is the correct age. He has impeccable Catholic credentials. He speaks several languages fluently. He has gravitas coming out his ears. He relates perfectly to youth and they to him. He was the first cardinal to call for reform in The Vatican Curia. He is the candidate most in the mold of John Paul II.

He is a former student of and close friend of Pope Benedict XVI. He was the editorial director and chief author of the new Catholic Catechism in use throughout the world. He successfully reformed his Diocese after being named the archbishop following scandals of abuse.

He has spoken often of the need to re-examine forbidding communion to remarried divorced Catholics. He is very close to the Orthodox Church claiming that he is a priest because of the influence and urging of Greek Orthodox priests who fostered his vocation.

If I know these things about the cardinal you can bet the electors know more and will decide in their wisdom guided by the Holy Spirit to make Cardinal Schonborn the new Pontiff.

Ernest J. Berger

Deer Point Drive

Seabrook Island

I don’t need anyone to advise me about Christianity. I believe the final judgment and forgiveness will be in the hands of God.

I do have a memory, however. I remember what he did to his wife and children. I remember that he misappropriated money from the state of South Carolina and lied to the people of South Carolina.

The thing that further troubles me is former Gov. Mark Sanford’s judgment. To say that the former governor “is head and shoulders” above the other candidates is a slap in the face to those candidates and to Christians.

Ken Ford

South Basilica Avenue


Come on, people. Mark Sanford is not asking the College of Cardinals to elect him to be the next pope. He is asking the voters of the 1st Congressional District to elect him to the U.S. House of Representatives.

Now I’m no expert on pope qualifications. Yet I’m confident in saying that Sanford is lacking some of the characteristics commonly associated with the pontiff.

The good news is that while Sanford is probably not pope material, he does have the experience, perspective, temperament and fiscal philosophy required to go to Capitol Hill and deal with the most pressing issues facing our nation — the national debt and federal spending.

Different times call for different leaders.

We simply do not have time for a junior congressman to get acclimated; nor do we have the luxury to wait and see how a newly elected congressman turns out.

We need a congressman with a proven track record. Mark Sanford is the only candidate who brings this experience, and much more, to the table.


Sam Snead Drive

Mount Pleasant n

Why do we drive on a parkway and park on a driveway? People want to know the answers to life’s intractable questions, so when I saw the curious solution to the Lowcountry version of our traffic’s Gordian knot at Main Road and Highway 17, I wondered how this option came into being.

It seemed obvious that the “super street” solution was not the product of a Mensa meeting at the state Highway Department. Rather I imagined an unproductive, yet protracted brainstorming session sending stressed engineers back to their work stations to “ideate.”

Following the brainstorming and extensive reading of Dilbert, the winning solution came from the fried brain of a well-intentioned highway engineer sitting at his desk with a fixed stare that was finally focused on a solitary paper clip isolated in his desk top organizer tray.

As the paper clip slowly came into focus, I can imagine the filament in his idea bulb quaking and the “Super Street” solution emerging. Be glad, be very glad that he didn’t focus on the paper clip chain next to the solitary one or even worse on the soft pretzel he brought for a snack. The paper-clip-shaped “Super Street” will only move the traffic jam instead of solving it.

John Smyth

Landing Creek Lane


Queen James Bible

A new Bible known as the Queen James, or simply the Gay Bible, is very cute with its rainbow cross on the cover. I guess Yeshua bled rainbow blood?

This incomprehensible act was accomplished by taking a copy of the authorized King James version and removing, re-wording and editing all Scriptures referencing sodomites, homosexual offenders, male prostitutes or any wording that lists homosexuality as detestable, an abomination, perverted, wicked or filthy.

I wonder how Yahweh feels about the editors removing, altering or changing the Scriptures. Removing or changing words around doesn’t get you off the hook.

Repenting instead of trying your ridiculous manipulation of the Bible is the answer.

Case closed.

Wally Reddington Jr.

MSgt., U.S. Air Force

Durrell Court

Goose Creek