The planned dredging of Charleston Harbor will destroy thousands of stone crabs that burrow along the edges of the channel.

In my past days as a commercial stone crabber, I often placed my specially built traps in line between the channel buoys, sometimes catching 30 to 40 crabs per pull.

These crabs will not run from the commotion of the dredging, as fish will, but retreat into their burrows, where they will be blasted out and sucked into the apparatus.

A solution to this dilemma would be to hire some commercial crabbers to intensively crab each area before it is dredged.

The crabs could be relocated to a safe area — perhaps along the rock jetties.

The crabbers could be paid per crab relocated, and allowed to keep the legal-sized claws. This compensation would be a tiny percentage of the overall cost of this project, and help our crabbers at the same time.

E.T. Van Buren

W. Vagabond Lane

Mount Pleasant

I would like to thank Mount Pleasant for our favorite morning walking area, the Shem Creek Park. My wife and I try to hit the boards five to six times a week and boogie down to the end and back at a quick pace. OK, at 70 maybe we don’t quite boogie down and back, but we move right out.

But before they spend more money on the expansion, we would love to see a fix for the parking lot. It is a bog when we get a good rain and is full of potholes when dry.

Everything else is first class, so what the heck happened to the parking area? We have heard visitors make remarks about the poor condition of the lot also.

So please do some paving before we get an extra “mile” of boardwalk, and finish the great job you started.

Carl E. Meynardie Jr.

Village Creek Lane

Mount Pleasant

As the applicant referred to in the June 1 op-ed titled “Quiet residential street isn’t the place for a restaurant” written by Elizabeth Cooper, I strongly agree with her point that Burbage’s is not an appropriate place for a restaurant.

Fortunately, our plans never called for a restaurant and/or bar, nor would they ever.

David AvRutick

Gibbes Street


There’s been a flare-up, once again, over the military’s apparent inability to curb sexual violence, to which I respond, did you expect anything else?

We never should have made the military a part of our nation’s social experiment in the first place.

We have a choice: To build a military tough and nasty enough to whip any other country’s military, or to integrate the service with both sexes and create a more touchy-feely army of soldiers who will be able to harmonize while singing “Kum Bah Yah,” but will lose its fighting edge in the process.

The energy we will have to expend to bring sexual violence under control (which I think is impossible) will ensure the weakening of our military.

This is not a rant in which I am arguing that women are inferior to men in combat. It’s just a rant to argue that they can’t do it while sharing a foxhole.

You can’t throw the two sexes together in this macho world (and I want the military to stay macho) and not expect sexual violence to occur. I don’t care if you threaten to hang anyone guilty of such behavior

If society wants women to carry their own weight in combat then it should be done in separate units.

Keep the two infantries apart and give them a line of command of the same sex, right up to the four-star general who rules over all.

Our military leaders should not be wasting their time trying to figure out the impossible, unless they are prepared to turn all the men into eunuchs.

N. John Garcia

Seagrass Lane

Isle of Palms

Many Comcast customers experienced the inconvenience of lost service for TV and Internet on May 27. The loss of TV was natural, but connections to banking, social media and up-to-date news were nil.

I learned that Facebook was trying to reach its Lowcountry users for help and donations for the unfortunate folks in Oklahoma. No service, no donations.

I think Comcast should find it in its heart to make a sizable donation on behalf of the people of Charleston to aid those unfortunate people in Moore, Okla.

Robert Lane

Knottingham Drive

Goose Creek